Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Green Album

Did you know that 2006 is the 50th anniversary of Gumby? To honor the green guy's birthday, here's a tribute album to him from 1989. All but three of the songs are newly written for this album. Two of them are cover songs that sort of tie in with the theme ("Bend Me, Shape Me" and "Concrete and Clay") and one is a cover of Gumby's theme song sung by Frank Sinatra Jr. in the style of his old man, the Chairman of the Board himself! This is a neat album with a variety of talent involved. Here's the track list:

1. (In Love) With You Gumby - Dweezil & Moon Unit Zappa
2. Concrete and Clay - Eddie Wade
3. Zydeco Gumby Ya Ya - Brave Combo
4. Bend Me, Shape Me - Donna McElroy
5. Gumby, We Love You - Sly and Robbie
6. I Like Gumby - Jonathan Richman
7. Pokey's Polka - Brave Combo
8. The Ballad of Gumby - Rick Schulman
9. We All Are Gumby - Flo and Eddie
10. The Gumby Heart Song (Original TV Theme) - Frank Sinatra Jr.

Click here or here or here to download!


Ben T. said...

I love your links title. I used to own a comic shop called "Hey, Kids! Comics!" after the old spinner rack slogan.

I'm entering a busy month or so, but if I have time to update my template, I'll give you a link, Tony.

daddykin said...

Very nice, Tony! I'll be glad to link you through Mondo Daddykin as well.

Antmusic said...

This is a great album... I have had it on cassette for a long tim. I love the Flo & Eddie Beatles-like song and the Ballad of Gumby.