Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mars Production Library Times Two!

Here's an album a bit off the beaten track for me. When stores wanted to advertise on television or radio and couldn't afford to have a professional group write a jingle for them, stations could use a sort of "canned" jingle for them that they would get from a record like this (or actually, like these since I've combined two different albums here). You get a generic jingle about how great your barbershop, clothing store or furniture store is, and somewhere in there a local announcer would give the name of your store. It's sort of the best of both worlds here. I'm not exactly sure when this came out, but it has a very sixties feel. Anyway, I think this is a lot of fun, and I hope you do too!

Here's the track list:
  1. Insects
  2. Self Service Laundry
  3. Car Sales
  4. Money Loans
  5. Phonograph Records
  6. Car Service
  7. Beauty Salon
  8. Body & Fender Shop
  9. Boating
  10. Barber Shop
  11. Bottled Gas
  12. Drag Races
  13. Butane Gas
  14. Mens Clothing
  15. Candy
  16. Ride the Bus
  17. Ride the Bus 2
  18. Moving Trucks
  19. Moving Trucks 2
  20. Loans
  21. Furniture
  22. Portraits
  23. Tire Company
  24. Tire Company 2
  25. New Homes
  26. New Homes 2
  27. Gardens
  28. Gardens 2
  29. Auto Road Service
  30. Pizza
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Monday, November 08, 2010

Children Are People Featuring Tony Randall

Hey, I'm back! (Yes, again.) Here's an odd little album featuring Tony Randall and a chorus teaching us that we (as kids) were people that deserved to be heard and paid attention to. This is another one of those albums that sounds well-intentioned, but doesn't sound like something I would have listened to more than once as a kid. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Here's the track list:
  1. We Are People
  2. No One Asks Me
  3. We Learn From What They Do
  4. Don't Talk to Strangers
  5. They Don't Always Let Me Speak
  6. Getting Even
  7. Privacy
  8. They Said It
  9. There's Only One of Me
  10. My Heredity
  11. Children and Parents
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