Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lyndon Johnson's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Earle Doud & Alan Robin

I was going to lump the few political records I found together around November, but it really is a mixed bag. I like this one though. This is actually a sequel to "Welcome to the L.B.J. Ranch" that I have featured here put together by the same people, and the concept is the same as well. The commentators ask questions and the politicians provide answers that are actually taken from other interviews and recordings of them with humorous results. I enjoy this because you don't even have to really know much about the politicians to laugh at the jokes, but it's probably funnier if you do know about them. Anyway, I think you'll like this one!

Here's the track list:
  1. Senator Everett Dirksen
  2. President Lyndon B. Johnson
  3. Governor Ronald Reagan
  4. Senator Robert Kennedy
  5. Vice President Hubert Humphrey
  6. Mrs. Ladybird Johnson
  7. Vice President Richard Nixon
  8. Senator Barry Goldwater
Click here or here to download!


doug said...

Thanks for this one, I used to have the LP and listened when it was new, it's great to hear it again. Do you happen to have THE FIRST FAMILY, about the Kennedy's?

Dave said...

Thanks. This LP reminds me of the spiel Robin Williams did in "Good Morning, Vietnam."

I have an LP called "First Family" with Vaughn Meader, and Earl Doud. Is that the one Doug?


Dave said...

To respond before another butthead leaves a rude comment that Tony has to put up with. I asked the question above because there is more than one LP out there called First Family. So I think it is a purely logical question to ask which one Doug was looking for. Geesh.


doug said...

Yes, the one with Vaugh Meader. I used to own the LP but lost it, and many others, years ago.