Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Popeye Song Folio - Captain Paul and the Seafaring Band

I like this one a lot, even though it's a Popeye album without Popeye on it! This album from 1959 apparently features songs from old Popeye cartoons, as performed by Captain Paul and the Seafaring Band. Was Captain Paul a children's host that showed Popeye cartoons on his show? I don't know myself, but one of you guys might be able to answer that. I kind of wish they would have sprung for the expense of an actual cover, instead of simply reprinting what I assume is a Popeye Sunday strip from the year before. I think (like "Yours Truly" says on the back cover) that one of my favorites is the song "I Wanna Be a Life Guard", but there's a lot of fun stuff on here (even if Popeye isn't singing it).

Here's the track list:

  1. I'm Popeye the Sailor Man

  2. The Looney Goon

  3. Olive Oyl's Family Reunion

  4. I Wants What I Wants When I Wants It

  5. The Land of Popeye

  6. I'm Sindbad the Sailor

  7. Sing a Song of Popeye

  8. I Wanna Be a Life Guard

  9. Hamburger Mine

  10. Popeye on Parade

  11. Strike Me Pink Do I See Red

  12. I'll Be Seein' Ya in the Movies
Click here or here or here to download!

BONUS: And now, straight from the Internet Archive, here's the Popeye cartoon that features the song "I Wanna Be A Life Guard" called, oddly enough, "I Wanna Be a Life Guard"


Tor Hershman said...

Organ Grinder Pizza - uncooked tomatos on top - Betty Davis quote here.

Tony, you have a most cool blog.

Stay on groovin' safari,

Glammazon said...

Not bad - I actually enjoyed the songs on the album, but I wonder who sung them. The copyright must have been about to expire on the songs taken from the old Fleischer shorts at the time this album was made - I wonder who owned the rights to the songs.

By the way, did the singer realize that he was also using the lines intended for the animal chorus on Sindbad's island? Probably not

Bedazzler said...

Thanks so much for this! I've been looking for this on and off for about 25 years...ever since my college girlfriend frisbee'd it at me during an argument.