Friday, October 09, 2009

Smokey Bear with Ranger Hal

Yeah, I know I keep saying I'll be right back and I keep disappearing, but I'm back (again) with this interesting album from Smokey Bear, Ranger Hal and their animal friends in this musical adventure. I hope they look better than they do on this cover though! Anyway, hopefully I'll be back with more stuff soon. Enjoy!

Click here or here to download!


Anonymous said...

i just came across this site while looking for cabbage patch dreams!! i am not to sure how to navigate through this site...i am also looking for care bears, strawberry shortcake (the exercise songs), and barbie and the rockers.

Glammazon said...

I once had a little book called POPEYE AND THE PIRATE'S TREASURE; it was about Popeye's quest for the treasure of a pirate whose ship had run aground on an island. He had to face a giant thug called Muscles who was the spitting image of Bluto, but in the end, he defeated Muscles and his men and claimed the treasure, which turned out to be - love letters! Would it be too much trouble for you to post the cover to my book, Mr. Redman?

Tony said...


I did a search on the title, but didn't have any luck. However, that story sounded sort of familiar to me. I remember owning a Popeye Big Little book. I looked for it that way and came up with the book "Popeye: Ghost Ship to Treasure Island". This must be the one you're looking for because, if you go to this site, not only can you see the cover but you can even read the book itself:

I would've emailed you the info, but it's not in your profile. Please let me know that you got to see this.

Way Out Junk

Steven said...

I've enjoyed your Sesame Street/Muppet posts. Any more of those in the pipeline?

Glammazon said...

Yes, it WAS the right Big Little Book, and I was glad to be able to read the ending again after all these years. It has been so long since I'd last seen it, I'd forgotten what the title was. It's a little jarring to have Popeye speak in normal English, though.