Sunday, October 08, 2006

Flipper's New Adventure

This record was released shortly after the movie came out in 1964 and is a sort of retelling of the movie itself. It stars Luke Halpin as Sandy, who also played the part in the movie and the subsequent series that came out that fall. However, none of the other roles are played by the original cast. Most of the roles are played by the Speed Racer voice artists, as well as Jackson Beck and Dick Van Patten. As far as Flipper himself, I don't think he bothered to come to the studio because they use variations of the same two second clip of him chattering all through the record!

One neat thing is that this is part of the Stereo Motion series of children's stories, which means that according to the back album cover, "you can hear Flipper splash and chatter as he swims from wave to wave. You can also hear airplanes pass overhead, and motor boats roar from left to right." It ain't as cool as Dolby Surround, but hey, it's not bad for 1964! Enjoy!

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