Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fun for Everyday with Little Johnny Everything and His Sister Judy

Here's an odd little album from 1958 that I picked up at the Library's book sale. You know, your kid's destined to be spoiled if you call him Little Johnny Everything. Although apparently his sister is named Judy Everything. What nationality would the surname "Everything" be?

Anyway, here's some cute kids songs that I don't think I've heard anywhere else (except for the song "My How You've Grown" that I'm pretty sure I saw puppets performing to on "Captain Kangaroo"). There's even a couple of Christmas songs that you can hold off listening to for a couple months if you feel like it. Enjoy!

Here's the track list:
  1. What Am I Doing?
  2. Rosie, the Little Red Car
  3. The Teddy Bear Song
  4. I Wish I Had a
  5. Window Wishing
  6. How Does Your Garden Grow
  7. The Little Red Schoolhouse
  8. Felix the Cat
  9. Dressing Up
  10. The Bicycle Tricycle Song
  11. What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up
  12. The Holiday Train
  13. The Horse in Striped Pajamas
  14. Blinkey the Traffic Light
  15. Mr. McGee
  16. The Little Train
  17. My How You've Grown
  18. The Little Brown Bunny
  19. Music Lesson
  20. Willy, the Billy Goat
  21. It's Fun to Swim
  22. Back to School
  23. I Want to Meet Santa Claus
  24. The Story of Christmas

Click here to download!


Anonymous said...

I'm really digging this album...thank you :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks! My 2 yo son came home singing only the key lyrics of "Rosie the Little Red Car" (he learned it at daycare) and wanted me to sing it. Of course, I'd never heard his song, and searching the web, this was the ONLY place I could find it! So thank you again.

Any way to get the whole song?

Richard said...

I think there may have been a show back then, or possibly I had the record - I was only four in 1958. I'd LOVE to find the theme song somewhere; I only remember the first to lines:
"Little Johnny Everything
He can be most anything ... "

I can still hear it clearly in my head, but can't remember the words.

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart for posting this.

I was born in '54 -- had this record and played it often.

Just reading the titles brought on some sentimental tears.

Sweet memories -- THANK YOU !

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful album! I googled this as it was my all time favourite music all through childhood. My own children sing the songs as my brother still has the scratched album found in my grandparents attic in Henley England. It is really fabulous music - more people should know about it! I was thrilled to see it on the net.

Lisa said...

Thank you for sharing! I pretty much wore out a 78 single from Golden Records when I was little girl in the '50s. It had "Rosie the Little Red Car" on one side and "Mr. McGee" on the other. Still have the vinyl, but it is in poor shape and I had no way to transfer it to my computer. What a surprise to actually find the songs on the web! As someone else has said, sweet memories! This was a treasure to find.

Elee said...

When my now teenage sons were little I searched in vain for this album. I knew the song titles, but not the album title. So many childhood memories! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, this album is actually by Eddy Arnold & Betty Johnson.