Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bozo and the Big Top Circus Parade

Here's a record starring Bozo the Clown, as voiced by TV Bozo Larry Harmon. The record is dated 1973 but I'm thinking it's a reprint of an earlier edition (I'm sure one of you nice people reading this can confirm that). The highlight is Bozo's stirring Shatner-esque rendition of "The Marines' Hymn". Also included in the zip file is the back cover which has cut-out figures so you can make your own circus parade! The songs and story intertwine so the track divisions are somewhat arbitrary here. Hope you like it!

Songs featured: I Love a Parade, Washington Post March, The Marines' Hymn, Caissons Go Rolling Along, El Capitan, Merry Go Round Song, Anchors Aweigh, Dixie, Stars and Stripes Forever, I Love a Parade (Finale)

Click here or here to download!


Dave said...

A lot of Bozo albums came out as 78 rpm sets first, but not sure if this is one of them. There is a Bozo At The Circus set at Kid, but it's not the same recording as this. Thanks.

Brian said...

You are correct...the 1973 was a re-issue. It was originally released in 1966 (under Little World Records).

emailsyucky said...

Thanks for sharing the record with us!