Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mother Goose (Plus the Happy Birthday Song) in Hi-Fi

I haven't tried listening to this with earphones to see if they take advantage of being in Hi-Fi. They probably just wanted to say it because it was a big deal back then.

Actually I bought this for the cover. Don't those kids look excited to be there? Also, I'm really concerned about the one standing on the left. What the heck is he supposed to be? The outfit sort of looks like a rabbit or squirrel or something, but there's no ears on the hood!

Anyway, enjoy listening to this while you figure it out!

Here's the track list:
  1. Little Bo Peep
  2. Ding Dong Bell
  3. The Muffin Man
  4. Peter Piper
  5. There Was a Crooked Man
  6. Three Little Pigs
  7. 10 Little Indians
  8. London Bridges
  9. Did You Ever See a Lassie
  10. The Little Red Hen
  11. Old MacDonald Had a Farm
  12. The Bear Went Over the Mountain
  13. The Farmer in the Dell
  14. Peter Rabbit
  15. Mary Had a Little Lamb
  16. Georgy Porgy
  17. Cock-a-Doodle-Doo
  18. Polly, Put the Kettle On
  19. Lazy Mary
  20. Happy Birthday Party
  21. Rumplestiltskin
Click here or here or here to download!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was looking foreward to this dowload, but I could not get the mediafire link to work is there any way you could fix it?
Thanks, Maria

Tony said...


Actually the Mediafire link worked fine for me, but two of the other links didn't. I took out the two bad ones and added another good one. Try one of those and see if it works for you.

Way Out Junk

whiteray said...

For some reason - likely looking at London's Drury Lane - on Google Earth, I had a hankering to hear "The Muffin Man" this evening. And here it is! Thanks.