Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Why Mommy...?

I think this was actually two records put together, since the first side is performed by Mr. I. Magination (Paul Tripp) and the second side is done by Tom Glazer. The unifying theme here is songs that answer those questions we had as kids. There's some pretty catchy stuff here, so I think you'll like it!

Here's the track list:
  1. We Know the World Is Round
  2. What's Inside Our Earth?
  3. How Many Colors Are in the Rainbow?
  4. Do Animals Talk to One Another?
  5. Where Does the Sun Go at Night?
  6. How Does a Cow Make Milk?
  7. Why Is the Sky Blue?
  8. Why Are Stars of Different Colors?
  9. Why Do Leaves Change Their Colors?
  10. What Makes the Weather?
  11. Why Does a Bee Bzzz?
  12. Why Do Stars Twinkle?
  13. Why Can't I See in the Dark?
  14. Why Are Bananas Picked Green?
  15. How Do Seeds of Plants Travel?
  16. What Foods Should We Eat Every Day?
Click here or here to download!


Ezra said...

Is it wrong that the album title made me think that "Why does Daddy keep hurting me?" and "Why did you leave us?" are a couple of the songs?

Vinnie Rattolle said...

Wow, I NEVER thought I'd find this online! Thank you for this, my copy's shot!

I don't think "Why, Mommy?" was ever two albums, but you've obviously got a re-titled '60s re-release. The copy I had was a '50s release called "Now We Know" (Songs to Learn By). The way it's titled, it looks like there may have been a series of "Now We Know" albums. The album opened up like a book with different comic book-type panes posing the questions of the song titles. Unfortunately, my sister defaced the front cover and the booklet/back cover were lost long ago, but here's two scans of what's left of it: Front Cover, Inside Cover.

I really never thought I'd ever find this again! Didn't think it'd be possible to love your blog more!

Life and Times said...

I have not heard this album for at least 40 years. An older brother gave it away saying it was his to give. I now have it for my nephews and nieces, since my children are too old for it now.

This album is so good that I would sing the songs to my kids from memory. That's how many times I listened to it as a child.

Thank You , Thank you, Thank You.

Anonymous said...

I found this record at a local Goodwill store a few months ago and had so much fun listening to my favorite songs once again. My brother and I knew this album by heart. "...the negatives and the positives get a chance to shine..." What great memories!

Sue of Annapolis MD

DSB said...

Wow, I had this; same cover. Thanx

Sisyphus Jones said...

Been searching for this for years, thanks!

We had it on an LP with a blue cover.
When it emerged from a moldy box in the garage when my parents moved, my well-meaning brother put it in the dishwasher!