Monday, August 20, 2007

Star Trek: Original Stories for Children Inspired by Star Trek

This is an album version of stories that were originally in book-and-record sets. Two of the stories were written by Alan Dean Foster ("The Logistics of Stampede" and "Mirror for Futility"). This must have come out around the time of "Star Trek: The Motion Picture", but the stories don't have Decker or Ilia in them. Needless to say, these aren't the original voices on this one either, but I think there was one guy in there that liked doing accents. One story has a Swedish guy in it, and another one has a guy that sounds Transylvanian or something on it. He's probably the one who did Scotty's voice too. (You know Scotty's Scottish because the first thing he says is "Och!!"). Anyway, hope you like this!

Here's the track list:
  1. Robot Masters
  2. The Logistics of Stampede
  3. The Human Factor
  4. The Man Who Trained Meteors
  5. Mirror for Futility
  6. Crier in Emptiness
Click here or here to download!


Doc Bullfrog said...

Thanks! I had this record as a kid and Robot Masters was my fav track. I have been a collector of audio plays (otr and childrens stuff) ever since I first spun this album many years ago. Thanks again!!

Richmond said...

The lack of Decker and Ilia was due to the fact that this is a reissue of stories from the early or mid 70s -- I still have an older LP with artwork from the classic series.

Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

This was from the Peter Pan series. You can find the Passage to Moauv, another in the series, here.

You can learn more about the series at Memory Alpha.

Between the first site I listed and the six episodes you provided, that means we've got 7 now on mp3. Only four more to go for the omplete set...

Anonymous said...

Here's another site where you can get all eleven mp3s. Enjoy!