Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Raggedy Ann & Andy's Alphabet & Numbers

Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy get taken to school by the little girl that owns them (I forgot her name!) and when they get back, they teach the other toys about the alphabet and numbers. This one has that odd Jon Lovitz sounding guy doing narration again. I expect someone to stop him and compliment him on how convincing he is, so he can yell, "ACTING!!!"

I've got quite a few things saved here, but I just started school again myself, so I haven't had time to write descriptions for them yet. I'll try to get a few of them in the pipeline pretty soon if I can.

Click here or here to download!

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Pokey said...

The artwork is based on the 1978 C.Jones cartoon special, especially notbale due to the new dog characrter, Arthur.