Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tales of Ragged Ann - Lois Sherman

This is Lois Sherman, who according to the liner notes, "appears daily on WJW-TV, Cleveland, as Ragged Ann, one of the most popular children's shows on the air". I never saw the show, but I hope she didn't do the entire show in that position! Why does she look like she's about to get her head chopped off? According to her, the adventures that Ragged Ann have are due to children putting her in their dreams. Way to blame the kids, R.A.! Anyway, this is certainly an unusual collection of stories. Anybody reading this remember seeing her on TV?

Here's the track list:

  1. Ragged Ann and the Three Bears

  2. Little Red Ragged Ann

  3. Ragged Ann and the Seven Dwarfs

  4. Irving the Mouse
Click here or here to download!


Bradley Sherman said...

Truly Way Out Junk Indeed!

Lois Sherman was my mom (no joke ... for real). She passed away in 1988. I was quite young when she had her television show, but we still have the album and my kids now listen to it! I don't remember much about the show ... but I can assure you she was not in that position the whole time and, now that you mention it, it does look like a scene from the Tudors! Seeing it out on the internet is pretty cool. Yah, I realize the stories are kind of corny -- but jeeze she's my mom, so it is kind of special.

Just wanted you to know, that someone read you blog and made a connection.


Marshall Widman said...

Lois was my first cousin and she was just as funny in person as she was on television. She had a heart and a lot of love. When she died, she was in the middle of decorating her new home. Her husband Larry told the story that he gave her an unlimited budget and she went over it. We all miss Lois.

Love, Cousin Marshall

Pokey said...

Not being from there but wishing th best, I share your grief. I wish California and other states could see this. Oh Well, the downaloded music should show what she might have been like to my ears [I live in Calif. and grew up with SHerriff John, Mister Wishbone, Hobo Kelley, Skip and WOofer, Engineer Bill, Jimmy "Yakky DOodle" Weldon and Jimmy Nelson and other local 1960s hosts.Sorry toi hear your loss..