Monday, July 26, 2010

Sesame Street, Rubber Duckie and Other Favorites - The Rocking Horse Orchestra and Chorus

This is the first post of what I'm calling "Almost Sesame" Week. I'll be featuring two different albums of songs from "Sesame Street" done by other artists, and a third album of non-Sesame Street music by an artist best known for the show.

Here's the Rocking Horse Orchestra and Chorus with their versions of these now classic songs although, technically speaking, the only Sesame Street songs here are the theme and "Rubber Duckie". The rest are various kid's songs, including a few about the alphabet. Apparently the show was pretty new when this album came out because there's a very extensive write-up about the show on the back cover. ("No. 123 is an aged brownstone around which the show is based. This is where Gordon and Susan and Bob live. Gordon and Susan are married and they are black. Gordon is a high school science teacher. Bob is also a high school teacher and he is white.")

Anyway, enjoy the first album of "Almost Sesame" Week!

Here's the track list:
  1. Rubber Duckie
  2. It's Simple as A-B-C
  3. Ozzie the Ostrich
  4. A My Name Is
  5. Sesame Street Theme
  6. The Tail of Dickie Dragon
  7. A Song for Each Letter of the Alphabet
  8. Drag the Magic Puffin
UPDATE: Links deleted. I hope to have a working link soon!

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