Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mars Production Library Times Two!

Here's an album a bit off the beaten track for me. When stores wanted to advertise on television or radio and couldn't afford to have a professional group write a jingle for them, stations could use a sort of "canned" jingle for them that they would get from a record like this (or actually, like these since I've combined two different albums here). You get a generic jingle about how great your barbershop, clothing store or furniture store is, and somewhere in there a local announcer would give the name of your store. It's sort of the best of both worlds here. I'm not exactly sure when this came out, but it has a very sixties feel. Anyway, I think this is a lot of fun, and I hope you do too!

Here's the track list:
  1. Insects
  2. Self Service Laundry
  3. Car Sales
  4. Money Loans
  5. Phonograph Records
  6. Car Service
  7. Beauty Salon
  8. Body & Fender Shop
  9. Boating
  10. Barber Shop
  11. Bottled Gas
  12. Drag Races
  13. Butane Gas
  14. Mens Clothing
  15. Candy
  16. Ride the Bus
  17. Ride the Bus 2
  18. Moving Trucks
  19. Moving Trucks 2
  20. Loans
  21. Furniture
  22. Portraits
  23. Tire Company
  24. Tire Company 2
  25. New Homes
  26. New Homes 2
  27. Gardens
  28. Gardens 2
  29. Auto Road Service
  30. Pizza
Click here to download!


Barry Ross said...

I LOVE this! What a find. Thanks for posting. It's a lot of fun.

litlgrey said...

I can't find out anything about this material. None of the titles match anything in the ASCAP or BMI databases.

The Macs said...

I've been having fun with this music trying to remember If I'd heard it back in the 70's.


blunderspublik said...

This is a fantastic album, thanks for recording it. Keep up the great blog!

prof. grewbeard said...

man, what a find! thanx so much for sharing! and remember- "dead bugs are living proof!"

Aaron Neathery said...

AARRGH!! Why couldn't this have turned up while I was still producing radio!? I did use a couple of similar canned 50s jingles as IDs for KPFT's HD channel, but these are far superior.

Your Pal Doug said...

Wow Junk! This is one is a lot of fun. Thanks buddy!

Your pal,


Zepp said...

Thanks for this -- I am SUCH A SUCKER for old commercials, and the cornier (like this bunch) the better. It was a lot of fun.

I like dropping in here from time to time, just to see what strangeness you've come across.

Thanks for all your efforts.

Memo2Self said...

Next time I need to find just that perfect song about bottled gas, I know just where to go! Thanks!

Yowp said...

Seems to me the Mars series came out in the early '70s.

I worked with a couple of other Pepper-Tanner libraries in my production days. They supplied similar donuts for programming elements as well.

smarc said...

Hi. I've got one of these but it's christmas jingles for stores. 16 tracks. Vocals. Same sleeve, numbered H909-S7 xmas shopping. What's something like this worth?