Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Things Go Better With...(with Bonus Tracks!)

This was a promotional record containing commercials for a certain cola-flavored soft drink. (Hey, if they're not going to say the name, neither am I!) But if you can't figure it out from the slogan and the color scheme of the cover, you probably wouldn't be interested in "Over 50 Classic Endorsements of 'The Real Thing'" . There is quite a line-up here as you can see, divided into three sections: The American Jingles, The British Sound, and The Downunder Sound (and the fourth section of bonus tracks I had from other sources). It was really pretty neat how different groups approached their commercials. Some did the regular jingle. Some incorporated it into a song they already sang. And others did a totally original song about the product. All of these are fun to listen to and hard to find otherwise. So kick back, have a Co...I mean a certain cola-flavored soft drink, and enjoy!

Here's the track list (actually just the performers for each track):

  1. Jerry Lee Lewis
  2. The Everly Brothers
  3. The Four Seasons
  4. The Limeliters
  5. Jan & Dean
  6. Roy Orbison
  7. Ray Charles
  8. Ray Charles #2
  9. Aretha Franklin
  10. Little Milton
  11. Fontella Bass
  12. John Bubbles & the Shirelles
  13. The Shirelles
  14. The Supremes
  15. The Supremes #2
  16. Freddy Cannon
  17. The Newbeats
  18. Gary Lewis & the Playboys
  19. Jay & the Americans
  20. The American Breed
  21. The Box Tops (with Alex Chilton)
  22. Neil Diamond
  23. The Fifth Dimension
  24. Gladys Knight and the Pips
  25. The Who
  26. The Fortunes
  27. Freddie & the Dreamers
  28. Tom Jones
  29. Petula Clark
  30. The Seekers
  31. Mary Hopkin
  32. The New Seekers
  33. John Farrar & the Strangers
  34. Glenn Shorrock & the Twilights
  35. John Farnham
  36. The Easybeats
  37. The Easybeats #2
  38. The Easybeats #3
  39. Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs
  40. Normie Rowe & the Playboys
  41. Ray Brown & the Whispers
  42. Johnny Young & Kompany
  43. John Rowles (Ja Ar)
  44. The Executives
  45. The Groove
  46. Larry's Rebels
  47. Doug Parkinson
  48. Axiom
  49. Brian Cadd
  50. Sherbet
  51. Little River Band
  52. Jan & Dean #2
  53. The Fifth Dimension #2
  54. Aretha Franklin #3
  55. Aretha Franklin #4
  56. The Bee Gees
  57. The Moody Blues
  58. The Moody Blues #2
  59. Lulu
  60. Lulu #2
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Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm surprised The Troggs ad isn't on here.

JagEsquire said...

I've been unable to verify the authenticity of this album. Which tracks did you add as bonus?

Tony said...

I added tracks 51 (Jan & Dean #2) through 59 (Lulu #2) from other sources I had on hand.

Anonymous said...

Back when Pepsi had there "you got the right one, baby" campaign (early 90's?), I saw a LP at a record show. I'm pretty sure it was white cover, and it was some kind of promo package for Coke that included Ray Charles doing a song. The dealer wanted $100 for it, and went on about how Ray Charles was promoting Pepsi (or had been most recently)...this record looked to be from 70's. I wonder if it was the same as yours? I don't recall anywhere near the list of artists yours offers, though there may have been more than Charles.

Yayo said...

Your best post ever ^g^

gene said...

Oh, man. This is brilliant. Not surprisingly, as good as everyone is, Tom Jones manages to outclass everybody.

The Mary Hopkin one was unintentionally hilarious. What the hell was she singing about? No product mention at all. Would never fly today.

Brilliant site.

Ezra said...

Track 15 is actually another Supremes ad, and 16 has a Freddy Cannon ad followed by one from The Newbeats.