Saturday, August 19, 2006

What a Wonderful Thing Is Me

This must have been the album cover Jiminy Cricket was posing for. Oddly enough, he doesn't make an appearance on this record at all! Instead, we get three of the four singers that were on the "Songs from the Electric Company" album I posted earlier. This has lots of cute songs about the parts of the body and what they do.

Wow! Without meaning to, I actually tied in this album to another one on this site. Hope that doesn't mean I'm getting in a rut...

Here's that track list:
  1. What a Wonderful Thing Is Me
  2. My Useful Nose
  3. My Heart
  4. Ears Are Very Nice
  5. Wonderful Eyes
  6. What Do We Do?
  7. Busy Little Fingers
  8. Fresh Air Song
  9. Locomotion
  10. You Don't Hear Much About Elbows
  11. Be a Pal to Your Tummy
  12. Activities Song

Click here or here or here to download!


Napsmear said...

hehe...i love this stuff.
you have 12 listed here...only 11 in the file tho.

Thanx for the post

Tony said...

Uh oh. I'll check the file when I get home. Was there maybe two songs on one of the tracks? I'll find out and fix it if I can.
Thanks for letting me know about it!

Anonymous said...

It's track 8 thats doubled up.

Napsmear said...

Ooops....why yes it does.....track 8 has both the fresh air song and locomotion within it.

guess next time i should listen to all ..all the way through....hehe