Sunday, September 17, 2006

Freddy's Greatest Hits

OK, here's another odd Halloween album for you from 1987.

Admittedly, Freddy isn't actually singing on any of these, but that is Robert Englund himself throwing in the comments in the songs (and as a bonus he's easier to understand than Irwin the Disco Duck). Half of these songs make fun 90s style Halloween haunted house type music, but the best ones here are the cover songs. I can see the Freddy connection on "In the Midnight Hour" and "All I Have to Do Is Dream". It gets a bit more tenuous on "Do the Freddy", a former dance hit for Freddie and the Dreamers. And where "Wooly Bully" comes from is anybody's guess! Anyway, enjoy this bit of Halloween cheesiness!

Here's the track list:
  1. Do the Freddy
  2. Dance or Else
  3. In the Midnight Hour
  4. Don't Sleep
  5. All I Have to Do Is Dream
  6. Obsession
  7. Wooly Bully
  8. Down in the Boiler Room
  9. Elm Street Dreams

Click here or here to download!


Ron Nasty said...

I don't know why it's not on there, but it should have the song by Wil Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff, "There's A Nightmare on My Street".

Tom said...

Nice abum but you have the songs with their wrong titles. I had rearrange them as they appear on the album!

Anonymous said...

I think they should have the song are you ready for freddy? by the fat boys

Aesop said...

Doooooooooood. Been looking for this for ages. Thanks. I love this spot.

Anonymous said...

Thats cause Freddy doesn't like Will Smith

Kaneda Jones said...

wooly bully is because he wears a wooly sweater and he is a bully.

quite simple actualy.

Anonymous said...

No fat boys and will smith cause this isnt a soundtrack, u uneducated Krueger fans. Those were singles to promote the movie, never even used in the movie, and this record is great for the cover and thats it. This is some of the worst tecno type music ever, with freddy's wit and voice in certain spots. It is a treat for a nightmare collection though.