Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Day in the Life of a Dinosaur

This is a fun little musical story about a child that travels back in time and makes friends with a dinosaur named Bronty. You may notice the credit on the cover that says "Starring Phil Foster as Bronty". I'm thinking this may be the same Phil Foster that played Laverne's father on the show "Laverne and Shirley", but it's hard to tell because his voice is sped up. What do you think?

NOTE: This album is now available to purchase as an mp3 from Amazon! You can get it here.


DeX said...

Many Thanx and Keep up the good Work, and a love the sesamstreet tunes, thax anyway....DeX

Anonymous said...

Wow! My sisters and I used to listen to this over and over when we were kids (35 years ago). Thanks a million for posting this.

BD said...

I LOVED this album as a kid (mid-late 60s)... I listened to it millions of times, IIRC :)

Just an FYI for everyone, this album is available for purchase as an MP3 from I purchased it the other day for (I think) $8.99. I listened to it and remembered all of the songs, and probably 80-90% of the dialogue.

I did manage to clear up some questions I had for all these years on some lyrics to the songs(such as the title tune, lol)

Classic album!!

Tony said...

Thanks for pointing this out to me, BD. I fixed the entry to link to the Amazon mp3. I'm happy to see that they're making this stuff available again!

Way Out Junk

Vaughn said...

I grew up on this one in the mid 70s, and have been looking for a vinyl copy. somehow an MP3 of it seems out of place, but hey better than nothing.

brace6 said...

his LP on ebay. My id is brace6

GordonVG said...

Yes, it's the same Phil Foster who was on "Laverne and Shirley."