Saturday, June 16, 2007

Raggedy Ann and Andy Pop Concert

Here's a story about Raggedy Ann, Raggedy Andy and their friends having a secret pop concert after the little girl who owns them moves a piano in the room (and the piano starts talking to them). The songs included on the album are Rock Around the Clock, Hound Dog, Splish Splash, Shake Rattle and Roll, Sha Boom (sp), and My Girl Lollipop. I'm not quite sure who's supposed to be singing on these songs because the voice doesn't sound like any of them! Anyway, hope you like this!

Click here or here or here or here to download!

1 comment:

Pokey said...

LIke another of yours, this is based on the rsather "meh"* Chuck Jones cartoon..WIle E.Coyote in the cast..!

*In my opinoon, of course!

Steve Carras