Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ronald McDonald Visits America

This album from 1980 has a pithy little poem for each of the fifty states, brought to you by Ronald McDonald himself! Actually, I don't think this is any of the Ronalds I remember hearing. You'd think they would be able to get the actual one, and that he'd be happy to do the part without having to worry about the costume and makeup, but maybe I'm wrong. I don't believe this was any sort of premium through McDonald's. It was put out by Casablanca Records, the same company that put out KISS albums. I guess they just like doing records with oddly dressed guys in kabuki makeup!

Click here or here or here to download!


J.C. said...

I have been wanting to hear this for a long time now. Thanks!

alarson17 said...

This is an *interesting* one ... thanks!