Monday, August 18, 2008

Score 3 Points: The Official Robin-Doud National Political Survey Test

Let's throw another political album into the ring here. This one is done by the same people that brought you "Welcome to the LBJ Ranch" and "Lyndon Johnson's Lonely Heart's Club Band", and follows the same format of taking actual recorded interviews and putting humorous content around it. I don't think it works quite as well this time. Maybe you just need to be more aware of (what were then) current events. Hopefully you'll get some enjoyment out of it!

(By the way, this album (and the two mentioned above) have covers with art by famed artist Frank Frazetta, although in this case he only did the carving of Johnson.)
Here's the track list:
  1. Opening

  2. Section 1: True or False

  3. Section 2: Multiple Choice

  4. Section 3: Statistical Survey

  5. Section 4: What Do You Hear?

  6. Section 5: Sound Effects

  7. Section 6: True or False

  8. Section 7: What Were They Doing When They Said It?

  9. Section 8: Multiple Choice

  10. Section 9: What Do You Hear?

  11. Section 10: Sound Effects

  12. Closing
Click here or here to download!

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Anonymous said...

what a waste of time. why bother ripping dated garbage?

we are looking for funny songs and good memories.