Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Show You Should Have Been Watching: "The Middleman"

(Since "The Middleman" is not on any more (hopefully just for the season), I'm making a few corrections to this post. You can still watch the cool stuff about it though.)

There's a show on ABC Family called "The Middleman" that I hope all of you saw. It's just so wonderfully wacky and quirky. And while it's gotten some great reviews, it's not doing so well in the ratings, so please PLEASE give this show a chance and see what you think. (I guess I should say I hope you did now.)

Here's what critics think of it:

And here's some Public Service Announcements produced by the cast:

On ABC Family's website you can even watch an episode (Go to Shows/The Middleman/Full Episodes). I think you can watch the season finale there. Alternate realities! Good guys gone bad! Goatees!! Unfortunately, rather than make more episodes available as streaming videos on the website, they sell past episodes on iTunes. (Thanks, ABC Family.) As I said, this is just a fun show that really deserves a chance. Maybe it'll be back next season. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


BigBirdFan said...


I watched thiswhen my cousin TiVoded it. It was to "Out There" for me. I will stick with Hannah Montana and The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody. My opinion is I can see why it is not getting good ratings, it can be annoying. Bob

Tony said...


Hey Bob, you're not helping my case here! ;-D

OK, how about this: If you're looking for something more Out There than "Hannah Montana" and "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody", watch "The Middleman"!

How's that??

Way Out Junk

BigBirdFan said...


I misunderstood you message the first time I read it. I'm sorry. I will go for that comment. Bob

Anonymous said...

Middleman is fantastic, and each episode gets better than the one before it! I recommend it to every fan of fun tv that I meet.

Topher Polack said...

I watch 'The Middle Man' In fact, I bought a few episodes on the iTunes. While I don't have much faith on mass audiences, here's hoping 'The MiddleMan' gets a second season.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of it but I promise to give it a try!!!

Dex1138 said...

Best new show of the summer!!
I love this show. It's the perfect blend of scifi and cheese and they know they're being cheesy.
Plus how can you not watch a show that has the Wilhelm Scream in every episode?!? (Google it, kids)
The pop culture references (many of Star Wars related) and the Middleman's choice of exclamations makes this a real treat.
And this past week, Wendy was in her skivvies...really, how can you not watch this???

yahwehfrk said...

I missed a few episodes so I have to go back and find them but the show is absolutely hilarious. The episode with the Vlad puppets was probably the best.

Steve said...

This is a great show, I've enjoyed the series so far and do hope it comes back soon. I didn't know this when I started watching it but it's based on a comic book series of the same name. The comic is really good as well and they have done a wonderful job of translating it to the TV screen. I highly recommend looking into both (show & comic) if you haven't already.

Lacey said...

While a highly inventive show, the lead heads at ABC family blew it again by putting this show on at 10:00 at night. Not a kids show for sure, it still needed to be on at an earlier hour to attract a young audience at first, then have the parents follow. You wonder how some people ever got a job in programing