Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sing the Happy Romper Room Songs

Here's another album of Romper Room songs, and even though it's certified with Mister Do-Bee and Happy Jack the Jack-in-the-box, I still don't remember any of these songs. Where's the Do-Bee song ("Do-Bee a car sitter, Don't be a car stander") or the Punch-a-Ball song? I don't know. There's gotta be an album of those songs, but this one ain't it. There's still some nice kids' songs on here though. Hope you like it.

Here's the track list:

  1. Exercise Song

  2. Fall

  3. Sleepy Time

  4. Five Little Chickadees

  5. I Have Two Eyes

  6. Laughing Song

  7. My Snowman

  8. Romper Room Magic Mirror Song

  9. Romper Room Prayer

  10. Romper Room Safety Song

  11. Spring

  12. Summertime

  13. Ten Little Indians

  14. Ten Little Men

  15. What Do They Say?
Click here or here to download!

UPDATE: For an album with more of the traditional Romper Room songs, it's available in mp3 format from! You can get it here.

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BigBirdFan said...

I just posted another Romper Room album on my Way Cool Music blog. I also linked to the Romper Room albums on your blog.