Monday, January 05, 2009

Once Upon a Beetle - The London Theatre Players

Going from disco to the British Invasion, here's a story about four little Beetles who want to make their fortune playing music. It's a fun little story that at least is done by British people. (I'm assuming the London Theatre Players are British.)

You may have noticed the unusual cover for this record. Apparently the original cover was a puzzle in the surrounding frame, and under that you could color the picture. Well, the copy I got didn't have the puzzle pieces in it any more, and the picture had been colored so long ago I couldn't get the colors off! Anyway, hope you like this album!

Click here to download!


BigBirdFan said...

I am surprised that they weren't named Ringo, John, Paul & George. LOL just kidding. Bob

distgingue9 said...

Your blog is ridiculous. How old are you?

BigBirdFan said...


Why don't you shut up. This is great music I am 27 and listen to it all the time. It is better than that rap garbage on the gadio today.

I have a blog like this actuall 4

Disney Songtape
Way Cool Music
Muppet Musique
Sesame Street Block Party

Leve my friend Tod alone he is cool. If you don't like good music than don't come here. Bob

Anonymous said...

that lp looks very familar to me. sorry for the colouring. the puzzle fell out alot so that is probably why you did,t get the lp with the puzzle. the london theatre player are in london and i think dianna regg is the story teller. pete town

steve sobczuk said...

I got this record for my fourth birthday in 1967 at HiWay Market in Kitchener Ontario, along with The Monkees Headquarters album. I was just digging through my old records and found this album again. No puzzle pieces and I had coloured the sleeve as well. Thanks so much for the mp3's! Haven't heard it in over 40 years and I remembered the intro music immediately.