Friday, January 23, 2009

Trains, Planes and Space Ships

This is an odd little album. The first cut, "Skyliner Flight 35", is a simulation of how it sounded if you were in the cockpit listening to the pilots take off and land a plane. The second, "The Columbia Limited" is the same sort of thing except with a train, and the other two cuts, for no particular reason, are two Rocky Jones sci-fi adventures. Enjoy!

Here's the track list:

  1. Skyliner Flight 35

  2. The Columbian Limited

  3. Rocky Jones and the Space Pirates

  4. Shipwrecked on Planet X
Click here or here to download!


litlgrey said...

My guess is, this LP was culled from older children's 78s, and they weren't particularly choosy about what they added as long as they marginally kept to a theme, and as long as they hit that 30 minute mark.

Corganoid said...

Fun record. I love that kind of "future that never was" sort of stuff.

Anonymous said...

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