Monday, March 09, 2009

Betsy McCall's Surprise Birthday Party

Betsy McCall must be one of those dolls that I never heard of, but then again there were only boys in our family (other than Mom of course). I haven't listened to them side by side, but Betsy McCall sounds an awful lot like Heidi the Pocketbook Doll to me.

I've never really understood Birthday Party records like this. Are you supposed to listen to it during your own party or take it home afterwards and hear an inanimate object apparently having a better time than you did? This one even goes so far as to have Betsy cutting the cake and opening her presents. Why would you want to hear that? So you'll know what to ask for on your next birthday? Oh well, this is still an interesting album. Oh, and make sure to stay tuned until the very end for some subtle product placement!

Here's the track list:
  1. Happy Birthday Song
  2. Surprise Birthday Party
  3. Simple Simon Says Game
  4. Musical Games
  5. Blowing Out the Candles and Cutting the Cake
  6. Opening the Presents
  7. Phone Call from Grandma
  8. Game Songs
  9. Story Telling Time (The Emperor's New Clothes)
  10. After the Party
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Amy said...

Betsy McCall was a children's figure created by McCall magazine. She had her own activity page in each issue for little girls, usually a paper doll with some clothes to cut out and wear.
The paper doll pages from these magazines are pretty collectible now.

Katya said...

James McCall, who founded McCall's Magazine in 1873, was a tailor, and his magazines had a focus on fashion and sewing. Paper dolls of Betsy (and her less famous her sisters) with several outfits appeared in the magazine in 1951. The first Betsy McCall doll came about in the 1952. McCall's sold sewing patterns for her clothes. Betsy McCall dolls are still in production.

Thanks, Tony!

Anonymous said...

you can check Betsy McCall out here.....