Monday, March 30, 2009

Organ Grinder Pizza - Jonas Nordwall and Patti Simon

Wow! Who knew that I would find another Organ Grinder Pizza album? I'm assuming this one is the first volume, and it only features two different organists: Jonas Nordwall and Patti Simon. It's another great combination of old songs and (at the time) new songs like Billy Joel's "My Life", all played on a ginormous pipe organ. Enjoy!

Here's the track list:
  1. My Life - Jonas Nordwall
  2. I Don't Know Why - Jonas Nordwall
  3. Birth of the Blues - Jonas Nordwall
  4. Maleguena - Jonas Nordwall
  5. Medley from "Saturday Night Fever" - Patti Simon
  6. Tiger Rag - Jonas Nordwall
  7. Annie's Song - Jonas Nordwall
  8. Meditation from "Thais" - Jonas Nordwall
  9. Over the Rainbow - Patti Simon
  10. Hopelessly Devoted to You - Patti Simon
  11. Character Medley - Patti Simon
Click here or here to download!


Steve said...

Thank you for posting this! It was great to hear this record again after SO many years!

This was not actually volume 1. This was specifically recorded on the Denver, CO organ as opposed to the Portland, OR organ. There were several albums recorded in Portland, but this is the only one I know of from Denver. Now.... if only I can get MP3's of Volume 1 and an album called 'Space Organ' (I think) my collection would be restored!!

Again... Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I have most of the Organ Grinder recordings. There are many, I still wish there were more. Such an amazing instrument that I compare all theatre organs to. Does anyone have Bits, Bytes, and Pipes V 1 or 2? I can't find these anywhere! Please email at Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have access to both, Space Organ and Bits, Bytes and Pipes. Interested??

please comment if you are interested

Tony said...

Yes please!

Way Out Junk

David said...

I am truly interested in the Portland Organ Grinder recordings. Where do I start?

During my first visit to Portland 20 years ago, I had the honor of listening to that wonderful instrument.

Thank you for the opportunity to heard the music again.

bongolong said...


Love this stuff!


Steve Jarvis said...

YES! Want Space Organ VERY VERY badly!!!! Please oh please oh please!


Anonymous said...

That album OGD 101 is not the first.
#OG101 from Portland "At The Organ Grinder" would appear to be the oldest as Jonas appears to be very young in the picture and without glasses. As well as being listed as just organist not senior organist, which he became later on. thereafter all pictures are the same one in every album with him in glasses.
#OG101 features four organists: Paul Quarino, David Lee Jonas and Don Simmons.
OGP-102 is Volume ll of "at the Organ Grinder" features Jonas, Paul Quarino, Don Simmons, Russ Chilson and Jack Coxon.

JN.106 is Omnificent with Jonas at the Denver and Portland Organs

JN-107 is HO HO HO
and is all christmas music.
I can't lay my hands on the Bit's Bytes and Pipes album at the moment so I don't know the number but I have it converted in to my iTunes library. I believe it was at the Portland location and was hedbergs first digital Master.
I also have 3 CDs of Jonas, Tom Hazelton and Donna Parker the "Trio Con Brio
At Portland and other locations playing solos duets and trios.
I also have another CD of jonas playing a private organ that was in the basement of the founder of the Tektronix company who Hedberg worked for before opening the Organ grinder.
I also have two cassettes (now on CD) one of Don Feely at the portland Organ Grinder and Jonas at a private residence in Tacoma where he did a concert for 40 guests.
That is my collection of jonas and Portland/Denver organ grinder.
Don't have space organ or Bits.... vol ll