Monday, May 11, 2009

Inside Star Trek

In honor of the new Star Trek movie, I'd thought I throw a few Trekkie type things up here. This album from 1976 is hosted by "Star Trek" creator (and Great Bird of the Galaxy) Gene Roddenberry. There's some live convention stuff with him, interviews with William Shatner about Captain Kirk, DeForest Kelley talks about the current state of medicine ("Too damned expensive.") and Roddenberry ask Mark Lenard as Sarek (Spock's dad) about Vulcan sex. (Guess Nimoy wasn't interested in participating.) Plus Isaac Asimov and his ginormous sideburns! Anyway, hope you like it!

Here's the track list:
  1. Inside Star Trek
  2. Star Trek Theme
  3. William Shatner Meets Captain Kirk
  4. The Origin of Spock
  5. Sarek's Son Spock
  6. The Questor Affair
  7. The Enterprise Runs Aground
  8. McCoy's Rx for Life
  9. The Star Trek Philosophy
  10. Asimov's World of Science Fiction
  11. A Letter from a Network Censor
  12. The Star Trek Dream (Ballad I/Ballad II)
Well, it was pointed out to me that this album is actually included as a bonus CD on the "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" CD box set, so I'm taking my links down. If you'd like to get it yourself, you can get it from the link below!

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Starman said...

You mention on the top that you wanted to be notified if the albums you have up are available legally. Inside Star Trek has been on CD as disc two of the Star Trek: TMP 2-CD soundtrack for several years now. Don't want you to get in trouble!