Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trek Bloopers

Here's another Star Trek rarity brought to you courtesy of Blue Pear Records. (get it?) The story behind this is that these audio tapes were found in a garbage can by somebody who just wanted to use the tapes themselves. When they saw that "Star Trek" was written on the boxes, they decided to investigate further. People have seen the famous "Star Trek Blooper Reel", but it only covered the first two seasons. This is stuff from the third and final season. Is it funny? Well, it does suffer from lack of visuals. I really think of it more as a historical record of the time. Plus you get to hear the classic song "Hey Out There" a few times! How can you beat that?

Click here to download!

Oh yeah, if you haven't seen the Star Trek Blooper Reel, here it is!


Anonymous said...

Very Cool. I've seen the third season blooper reel and this isn't it! This might be better as it sounds like a typical work day on the Star Trek set.. good and bad. Fasinating stuff! THANK YOU for Posting! - hcc

pmrussell said...

Thanks for posting all the Star Trek stuff. Loved it!

Norman said...

I just found a copy in my garage near perfect. Awesome.