Monday, January 10, 2011

Goldilocks - Bing Crosby

Hey, I'm back! Here's an album that looks to have been based on a TV special about Goldilocks and the Three Bears, featuring the voices of Bing Crosby, his wife Kathryn, son Nathaniel, and Mary Frances Crosby as Goldilocks. Those bears better be careful. She shot J.R., so there's no telling what she'd do to bears! Also featured is Paul Winchell doing a variation of his Dick Dastardly voice. Enjoy!

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RSFSmee said...

Brilliant absurdities like this, as much as I enjoy them, are what make post-Boomers forget that, once upon a time, Bing was *cool.*

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if this record is based on the TV show? I recall the show had a song about doing stuff a little longer. I think some of the lyrics were, "Why don't you laugh a little longer."

Tony said...

Yes, it looks like it is based on the show, because inside the cover there's screengrabs from it.

Pokey said...

Mary Frances Crosby also tried to make time out of wedlock and Bing says, "Aloha, on the steel guitar".

Paul Winchell's character is this frustrated, nameless, bobcat, and also Avery Schrieber did some other critter. Disneyland records ALSO released this.

Pokey said...

I downloaded it. Paul Winchell's excellent as that bobcat [a Walter Brennan impression?]. Him and Bing play gold, but no one beats the Bing. Bing as Papa sings about the congested highway of us humans.

So once upon a time, a family of humans, the Crosby, turns 3/4 into bears and the other 1/4 into a little girl named Goldilocks..and..:)

Steve J.Carras

Pokey said...

And Disneyland records released a soundtrack as well, indentical, maybe contractually so because of the Sherman Brothers connection.

Pokey said...

DePatie-Freleng-Mirisch produced this, aired 4/7/70.NBC.

Pokey said...

That came four years after another odd Hollywood star based animated adapation, also with a little girl having an odd adventure, Hanna-Barbera's "Alice in Wonderland [or what's a Nice girl like You doing in a place like this]" starring Janet Waldo as Alice and Sammy Davis, Jr. as the Cheshire Cat [and sneaking two very familiar voices as a familiar H-B dynamnic Dupo as a caterpillar]. Howard Morris plays the White Rabbit in that familiar HB hillbilly voice style like the hillbillies Mushmouse from Magilla Gorilla and Hatfield from Flinstones. Singer Doris Drew sang Alice's part there..there was a HB album you may have already that was a second-cast album with yet another HB regular, Don Messick replacing him as the rabbit, and Scatman Crothers surprsingly making his HB debut in luei of Sammy Davis Jr. as the Cheshire Cat, due to his Reprise records contract.

THAT, along withe Goldilocks special, has got to be one of the oddest attempts by a major television animation studio to do a light musical of a famous story only for it to remain rather obscure.

Sample dialogue from the Goldilocks special were..
Papa bear, singing the most heard song, "Take a little longer work around you" the bobcat:"If you don't meow at that them, they wo't bother you"...the cat:"Now I know why they call ya dumb animals"!