Sunday, February 25, 2007

Here Comes Garfield! [LINK FIXED (sort of)]

This one was contributed to the site by both Kids Music Fan from Boston and an Anonymous donor. This has songs from (and inspired by) the animated special "Here Comes Garfield". Enjoy, and thanks again KMFfB and Anonymous!

Here's the track list:
  1. Here Comes Garfield - Lou Rawls
  2. Move Me - Desiree Goyette
  3. Foolin' Around - Lou Rawls and Desiree Goyette
  4. Long About Midlight - Lou Rawls
  5. Big Fat Hairy Deal - Lou Rawls
  6. Up On a Fence - Desiree Goyette
  7. Life Is Just a Roller Coaster - Lou Rawls
  8. So Long Old Friend - Desiree Goyette
  9. Together Again - Lou Rawls and Desiree Goyette
  10. Here Comes Garfield (Reprise) - Desiree Goyette

NOTE: The links I had here stopped working, so here's a link to the files that I got from one of my readers:

You have to download each song separately, but it'll work for now!


Erick Monsterama2000 said...

Thank you for posting this. I love Garfield.

Anonymous said...

Peter Pan, when are you going to grow up?

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Have been hunting and just love these songs :)

Jimmy said...

YESSS!!! Thank You!
I actually cry every time I hear So Long Old Friend!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you so much!

Anonymous said...


Antmusic said...

One of my FAVORITE albums growing up, and made me a fan of Desiree Goyette... whom I never heard sing again (but I have seen that she is still doing stuff, including sing via iTunes!).

I love the combo of "So Long Old Friend" and "Together Again"


Were there any other Garfield Special soundtracks?

Anonymous said...

Can you get the soundtrack to "Am I cool or what" That was part of garfield music as well....