Saturday, March 03, 2007

Batman Theme by the Bat Boys

Once the Batman TV show hit it big, it seemed like you couldn't turn around without finding yet another record album trying to cash in on it. Here's one from a group called the Bat Boys. It's nowhere near as good as this album, but it's got some fun kind of jazzy music that you might like.

A little story about this record: I've had this one for a while. (It was probably handed down to me from one of my brothers or maybe I got it at a garage sale a long time ago.) I don't ever remember having an album cover for it though. Fast forward to many years later. I bought an album of Batman stories from eBay. It arrives and unfortunately it doesn't have the correct record inside. Guess which one is in there instead? Yep, this one again! So I figured that was a sign that I needed to put this album out here for you guys. So I hope you like it!

(By the way, I still don't have the real album cover to this one. I had to find a picture online of it. I don't think I put the picture in the zip file, so if you want it you'll have to save it separately.)

Here's the track list:
  1. Batman Theme
  2. Mighty Mayhem
  3. Cheatin' Charlie
  4. Uppercut Blues
  5. Fight Flight
  6. The Villain Strikes
  7. Out with the In Crowd
  8. Behind the 8 Ball
  9. Mars Visitor
  10. It's Murder!

Click here or here or here to download!


Craig D said...

OOh-La-La! I included this LP cover in a post I did about the DESIGN record label. Thanks for the audio posting!

Tony said...


Would you mind if I use your picture of this cover on this entry? I'll give you credit for it of course.

Way Out Junk

Max said...

Can't get enough of this Batman stuff! Was a bat-kid when the TV show came out and caused such a craze for things Batman.

Thanks for sharing this!



andrew_bunny said...

At first, I thought that this might be the Sun Ra and Al Kooper Batman record, but that one has 12 tracks. Thanks for including this onbe, bat-friend!

Groove Duke said...

Must be something about this album. I have it passed down from my brothers also without a cover.

Kim Scaborough said...

My copy also doesn't have a cover, and I've seen a couple copies at the Salvation Army without covers. I've only seen the cover online. I wonder if this was some kind of promotional album that only came in a paper sleeve or taped to a cereal box or something...

Ells said...

I LOVE this album. My dad got it for me when I was home sick around March of 1966. Just a month shy of turning 8 and already a die-hard BatFan!

I recorded this to my harddrive and now listen to it with fond memories on my iPod.

Thanks for the memories but I wish I could find out what studio musicians made up "The Batboys."

Anonymous said...

This is an incredible album!! I had the Bat Boys Batman LP in '66 when it first came out. It was sold on record racks in supermarkets and was part of the Pickwick Records line. They had a lot of easy listening type albums. This album was like an adult look at the Batman and Super Hero craze of '66 with 10 songs that are unforgettable melodies to me!! I listened to this album as a kid over and over. Also you must check out the Green Hornet Theme LP by The Bus Lines on the Diplomat Label which was sort of the companion to this album, as was the more popular "The Guitars of Dan and Dale Batman" LP on Tifton Records, now avail on CD. Also of note are the two Neal Hefti Batman albums of '66 "Batman Theme and 11 Other Bat Songs) and "Hefti In Gotham City," a concept album not unlike the Capitol label albums Frank Sinatra did in the '50s. Check out my web site I am a huge '60s nostalgia promoter and I even did a book on the year 1966 and of course, the BatBoys album is featured!! I highly recommend this album from the year 1966! The best year ever!!

Anonymous said...

I just dug this albumn out of my garage! Mint condition. Cover and all. I really don't think the music is all that good though. I dug it out because a channel called haboom is playing batman reruns every night here in Pittsburgh
Gary D.