Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Elephant Who Forgot - Arnold Stang & the Rocking Horse Players

These are some fun animal stories narrated by the unmistakeable voice of Arnold Stang. (If you don't recognize the name, you'll certainly recognize his voice!) I thought it odd that that fact isn't advertised on the record cover itself. It is mentioned on the record's label though. Part of me wonders if these were originally meant to be collected together (although the last story does reference the first one). The reason I say that is because Stang uses his standard voice for every single story. He's got others (He was the voice of Top Cat after all), but there's no variation on the characters here. I think it's still pretty neat, and I hope you do too!

Here's the track list:
  1. Harry the Horse
  2. Percy the Polite Seal
  3. The Elephant Who Forgot
  4. The Hippy Hippo
  5. The Clock That Went Tock Tick
  6. Schloimy the Subway Train
  7. Beezy the Sneezy Bee
Click here or here to download!


litlgrey said...

...and Selma Rich Brody rides again!

Jim C. said...

I am so glad to find a copy of this album. I had a similar album (same content; different cover). My album was put out by Peter Pan Records, and had Arnold's picture on the cover. How these stories and songs take me back!!