Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Space Alphabet

Continuing on with our space theme, here's a great kids record that features a song for a planet or other space related word for each letter of the alphabet. They kind of cheat a little (D for Double Star, F for Falling Star, Y for You (?)), and you know what planet they use for the letter U, so get your giggling out of the way right now.

Anyway, hope you like it!

Here's the track list:
  1. A - Astronomy and Astronomer
  2. B - Big Dipper
  3. C - Comets
  4. D - Double Star
  5. E - Earth
  6. F - Falling Star
  7. G - Galaxy
  8. H - Hydrogen and Helium
  9. I - Ionosphere
  10. J - Jupiter
  11. K - Kepler
  12. L - Light Years
  13. M - Mars and Mercury
  14. N - Neptune
  15. O - Orion
  16. P - Pluto
  17. Q - Quasar
  18. R - Radiation
  19. S - Saturn
  20. T - Telescope
  21. U - Uranus
  22. V - Venus
  23. W - Water Vapor
  24. X - X-Ray
  25. Y - You
  26. Z - Zodiac
  27. The Planet Song

The file has been fixed! Someone please try to download it and see if it's OK now. Thanks!

Click here or here or here or here to download!


Dave said...

Thanks for all of your hard work.

litlgrey said...

...with VIC FLICK? Oh my GAWD, how cool and trippy is this record !!

Anonymous said...

Excellent find! Many thanks Tony!

Greg Sinora said...

Brilliant! Thanks very much. Your blog is fantastic.
Any chance you know the year that this comes from?

papajoemambo said...

This is great!

I had a friend in university who considered this album her own personal "Holy Grail" (the one thing you have as a kid that you look to get back and usually never find again). She used to sing the "Hydrogen and Helium" song for me all the time, just to make me laugh.

This is a whole lot "groovier" (in that studio-session-adults-trying-to-be-cool/ Young Republicans kinda way!).


mik said...

hi.. was looking forward to downloading this... im a real sucker for spaced themed lps... says the files been taken down due to complaints! some stinkers got it taken down!! noooooo

mik said...

whoops! was only down on rapidshare... now downloading from one of the other links you kindly provided! ;)

lookin forward to this one!!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Tony,

first, a load of thanks for taking the time and effort and sacrificing your currency to preserve and promote these wonderful little audio oddities. It's rather heartening and comforting for me to think that, because of someone like you, a musician/artist's work can live beyond its small window of marginal profitability for a record company somewhere. I won't say you're doing god's work, but you're certainly doing good and commendable work, so I hope you can find a way to keep going with it.

Now I had small problem with the "Space Alphabet" album: the first track, Astronomy and Astronomer, seems to begin somewhere near the end of the song, finishes, and then it becomes track 23 - Water Vapor. I downloaded the zip archive from all three provided links, and tried extracting them with Winzip, 7zip and the native WinXP zip handler, all with the same result. So I was wondering if this was just a defect of the original, or did something go wrong in the encoding or compression process? All the other tracks seem fine. I hope it's fixable, because it was a really admirable piece and otherwise I'm much in love with it.

That aside, thanks again for your efforts!

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this album! This is from the late 60s or early 70s - I distinctly remember staying home from school sick in the 70s and playing this album over and over while I lay on the sofa in the living room and my mom brought me tea and toast. What fond memories I have of each song - I've never forgotten them and like to sing them to my boyfriend to make him laugh. What a long-lost gem - I am so grateful to find it, scratchy as I remember - and shall record these on a disc for my sister who is 10 years younger and sadly missed this golden sonic age. Hugs. Jeannie

Clive said...

This is what they *made* the internet for. To find old stuff you haven't heard for thirty-five years, but you can still sing along to *every single song*.

I used to listed to this in the early 70's over and over and over. Next time I visit my parent's house, I'll see if we still have it.

"Light Years" is a total classic, at least in my mind.

Today at my job I started singing "Double Star" to myself. Hopefully my staff didn't hear....

Awesome find, thank you.


Holly said...

Thank you, thank you!