Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Captain America Lives Again!

In light of Captain America's death (at least for now), I thought it appropriate to share this album with you. Golden Records put this out, and it's basically a radio show type retelling of the story in Avengers #4, when Captain America was returned to life after being found frozen in an ice block since the 1940's. The original record actually came with a reprint of this story, but unfortunately I don't have that.

The voices seem to be pretty odd choices to me. I can't place Captain America's voice, but he sounds familiar somehow. And for some reason, the narrator sounds like televangelist Jerry Falwell to me! (I know he's not, but that's what my crazy brain is hearing!)

UPDATE: This album is now available (for only 99 cents!) in mp3 format from Amazon.com! You can get it here.

And here's a video of the rousing theme to Captain America's cartoon!


Captain America said...


(And thanks for posting this file. It brings back great memories.)

Roach said...

Not to steal the thunder of the previous reader who left you these, but here's the opening and closing themes for Sigmund and the Sea Monsters @320 KPS and at top volume (I noticed the previous one was only @ 20kps and the sound quality was really bothering me). I ripped it directly from the audio of the youtube link you provided, and I left the Sid & Marty Krofft Productions sound fx at the end too. If Megaupload doesn't work, let me know. Enjoy.

Here's the link:

Erick Monsterama2000 said...

No thunder stolen :) Those files were not mine. I found them on another website. Thanks for the better versions.

Roach said...

llAh. In that case, I also found the short version of 'Friends' with a bit of dialogue that opened the first season (the LP version is a minute longer and sans the terrible seamonster bit), plus I'm tossing in the theme from Gumby, just cuz a)it's awesome and b) it took me forever to find a good version of it and c) we're all here, so we're into that sort of thing anyway. I've thrown in the GBA game version too, which is sort of a techno take on it. Ta-ta.


Kirk D. said...

Hello Tony. I don't know HOW it is that I've been missing out on your blog for this long. I just found it today and I've been downloading all morning. I thank you for all the effort you've put in.
My son and I are going to have even more great times together thanks to you. No Kidzbop junk for him.. only the classics. :)

Anthony Durrant said...

I rather suspect the voice for Namor - the Sub-Mariner - was John Fiedler, an actor who went on to portray the insidious being Redjac in the famous STAR TREK episode "Wolf In The Fold."

Glammazon said...

On this record, Captain America appears to have been voiced by Paul Kligman, who portrayed J. Jonah Jameson in the 1967 cartoon series and went on to portray Oliver Warbucks in two of the ANNIE albums you have put up on your blog. He died in 1983.