Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Father Guido Sarducci - Live at St. Douglas Convent

I've been looking for this one for a while, and finally found it last weekend. With the Pope making a trip to the U.S., I figured this would be worth bumping ahead in the currently scheduled albums. There's some great bits on here (I especially like the Five Minute University since I'm taking classes right now). Enjoy!

Click here or here to download!


Anonymous said...

thanks for this one! I didn't realize he only made two lp's.

Anonymous said...

One thousand thank you's. I got Breakfast In Heaven about a year ago and have since experienced some sort of a spoken word/comedy rennaisance. It's common practice to throw it, The Great White North, and "The Purse" from a Zappa vault release on the ipod when I hit the pillow at night. Straight to Lala Land. I've had my eye out for this one for a while. Again, thanks.