Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Paul Lynde: Recently Released

I remember Paul Lynde most from Hollywood Squares (the original one) and his role as Uncle Arthur on Bewitched. He was also in one of those Frankie and Annette Beach Party movies. I knew he did quite a bit on Broadway as well. What I didn't know about him was that he did stand-up too! (At least I guess you'd call this stand-up--he does little character bits in front of an audience.) Anyway, it's some pretty funny stuff, and I hope you like it too!

Here's the track list:

  1. The Trip of the Month

  2. The Family Just Across the Moat

  3. A Few Odd Odes

  4. The Monster Stalks

  5. Phlegm Falls Drama Club

  6. Let's Be Frank
Click here or here to download!


litlgrey said...

Score! Paul Lynde is the LORD GAWD and must be obeyed in all respects!

KingRoper said...

As much as I love me some Paul, this is... how do I tactfully say 'unfunny?'

I can't believe that this was actually released. Aside from a couple jokes about Gypsy/The Sound of Music, I found nothing to laugh at.

I was so excited to hear this (THANK YOU FOR POSTING IT!), but it was hugely disappointing.

Anonymous said...

This is real junk all right. STINKEROO.

You are sort of a big a-hole buying crap like this in a record store but you are a good a-hole because you give it away and we don't have to waste our money too. You just waste our time sometimes.

You need to put more stuff up more often, less of that romper room kiddie shit, and more Sarducci and stuff that is worth the time to download.

Tony said...

Actually, the "romper room kiddie (stuff)" as you (sort of) call it, is the focus of this blog. The other stuff is exceptions to the rule, just to stir things up a bit.

I went through two weeks of putting up an album a day recently, so I think I deserve to go at a more leisurely pace. Look for a new album every 3-4 days, with other stuff spread out around it if I can.

You don't have to like all the stuff I put up here. In fact, you don't have to like any of it. There's plenty of record blogs around here and some may be more to your liking. The nice thing about not charging for this stuff is that I don't have to give refunds if you don't like it! ;-D

Way Out Junkmeister

litlgrey said...

Hey, Mr. Anonmymous...

That ain't very nice, dude. Really uncalled for.
Bloggers give up over unwarranted attacks like that.

I suggest you apologize and give Tony your street address without delay.

Anonymous said...

I always liked Paul Linde!
He was the father in the Movie Musical Bye-Bye Birde. One of the greatest teen movies.

Your answer to Ahole-nymous was very high road. We all hate those Hitler Types.

Thanks for Rin Tin Tin. I watched it as a kid, besides Rooper Room.
I liked that dog "Rinny".

Dave said...

Thanks Tony.

Don't ya just love the folks that come on a blog looking for freebies, and then bitch when they don't like what you gave them. Pretty sad.


Anonymous said...

I always adored Paul on Hollywood Squares, but I couldn't finish this. It was too painful. But thanks for throwing it up for us! :-)

Red Neckerson said...

Cool Blog Thanks So much!!

Wishbook said...
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Wishbook said...

Oh, it's not *that* bad. It's great just to hear Paul's delivery and characterization. Plus, this is a pretty early appearance of the phrase "go out and play in traffic."

Thanks very much for digitizing and uploading this. :-)

Jim said...

Using abusive language toward anyone, let alone someone who is GIVING YOU FREE STUFF, is repulsive. I'm glad this stuff is here!

ryan said...

Thanks for this. Your rapidshare link for this was dead but the sharebee stuff worked. :)