Sunday, April 13, 2008

Smurfs Party Side

Here's another great Smurfs album from Jon. More fun songs about little blue guys. I'm not exactly sure what album this is because I haven't found this combination of songs on any one album. If any of you can figure out which album this is for sure (and verify the song title on #11) I'd appreciate it!

NOTE: This file is a .rar file, so you need a program like WinRAR to unzip it.

Here's the track list:
  1. Gargamel and the Smurfs
  2. Purple Peter From Mars
  3. The Hiccup Smurf
  4. Smurfette
  5. Smurf Party
  6. Lullaby
  7. The Smurf School (some skips)
  8. A Picnic
  9. Mr. Pigeon
  10. Lazy's Song
  11. Smurf the Day (?)
  12. Laughing Smurfs

Click here or here to download!


Sarah said...

Blogging when you should've been working eh?

Kehelan said...


please kindly send the good night song to my email:

i can't open the link on your blog.

thank you!

Frond said...

thank you! i was looking for lazy's song... and found it thanks to you! yay!

Little PigLet said...

Hi, i am searching for the Smurf's goodnight song and i have tried the link on you blog but unfortunately it is not working. So would you please kindly send me the song (the goodnight song only) to my email:

Anonymous said...

i tried downloading from the link but it does not seems to be working. Appreciate if you could send the songs to my email account at

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

hello, i have been looking for years for a smurf song. thought it was the lullaby song but it wasn't. please help, it goes something like this..

the twinkling star appear in the sky, the sun's going down. he is waving goodbye.

goodnight, sleep tight sweet dreams till the morning, turn out the light, goodnight.

I know more but can't find it or lyrics anywhere. my e-mail adress is

Anonymous said...

HI, I'm looking for smurf Goodnight song for long time..

benjamin said...

hi i really have been searching this song for ages, would appreciate if u could send to my email.

thanks alot. hope to hear from u soon!

ROXY said...

Here is the song you are looking for.

Twinkling stars appear in the sky.

The sun's going down, he's waving goodbye.

The Man in the Moon, says'How do you do'

Shines down his moon bems, for me and for you.

The old tabby cat, goes out on the prowl,
and up in a tree sits wise mister owl,

The nightngale sings to the stars in the sky, singing to you the smurf lulluby...

Goodnight. Sleep tight. Sweet dreams till the morning. Good night, good night, good night.

next verse...

The pillow is soft,

the blanket is warm,

so climb into bed, you're starting to yawn.

The Book Smurf will read of smurf fairy rhymes, of smurf kings and queens of long ago times.

Now al little smurfs, will be fast asleep,

cause you got a date in dreamland to keep.

The sandman will come to put sand in your eyes,
singing to you the smurf lulluby.

Goodnight. Sleep tight. Sweet dreams till the morning. Goodnight, good night, good night.

goodnight all little smurfs everywhere!!!

Jenny said...

The Album you've posted is an old record called Smurfs Party Time. I'm not sure you might have songs form other albums in the set you provided. There's information on the two records with that name, just scroll down to Smurfs Party Time there's two. I didn't see the Gargamel song on either record, it might be called something else? o-o Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

hi. i have been looking for that smurf song - lullaby.. kindly email me a copy. my email is

William Derek said...

I cant tell you how appreciative i am that you have posted this album. I have been looking for this for literally more than a decade. I used to have this LP as a child and I have since lost it and I think the last time i had it was pretty scratch and cracked. I even tried to order the tape of someone online only to order the wrong one.

Thank you soo much

aaaa said...

thank you so much. you just gave me my childhood back.