Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Pre-Schooler - Melvin Kaiser

It's nearly the end of the school year, and if that means for you what it does for us, it's also dance recital season. Chances are you will have a child, sibling, grandchild, niece or nephew or friend (or maybe even yourself) involved. Many of the acts in these recitals are performed by young people (and sometimes adults) who work hard to produce some very good to excellent performances. But how are they best remembered? For the acts featuring small children who sometimes literally have to be pushed onstage, and are just as likely to cry or yell "Hi Mom!" as they are to do the steps they were taught. Yeah, they're cute (and their parents, grandparents, etc., help to guarantee a large audience), but I sometimes thought it wasn't really fair to the other people who busted their humps to perform the best they could.

Anyway, this record is one that would be used for those little rugrats. The album features six sung songs, and the same songs as instrumentals, all written by this guy...
This is Melvin Kaiser, and from what I read online, he was a famous dance school teacher and choreographer. When you're simply able to focus on the songs (without watching the kids dancing to them), you realize how silly these songs are. But, to be honest, they're no worse than most of the other ditties that get used for these occasions.

I had to go to a number of these dance recitals in my time and, for the record, my favorite act is still the women dressed as nuns who tap danced to the George Michael song "Faith". I haven't seen any other act nearly as entertaining as that.

Enjoy the record and, if you do end up going to any dance recitals coming up, be sure to acknowledge the hard work that the older kids and adults (and the teachers!) do as well.

Here's the track list:

  1. I'm a Pre-School Child

  2. Skinny the Scarecrow

  3. I Can Count to Eight

  4. The A.B.C.'s of Dance

  5. Manda the Panda

  6. The Five Basic Steps of Pre-School Tap

  7. I'm a Pre-School Child (Instrumental)

  8. Skinny the Scarecrow (Instrumental)

  9. I Can Count to Eight (Instrumental)

  10. The A.B.C.'s of Dance (Instrumental)

  11. Manda the Panda (Instrumental)

  12. The Five Basic Steps of Pre-School Tap (Instrumental)
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dommromm said...

Much thanks for this! Btw,since you made me curious, are there any youtube videos somewhere in regards to those "women dressed as nuns who tap danced to the George Michael song "Faith" "?

Nuns and George Michael?? Who would have thought.... :-)

Anonymous said...

Melvin Kaiser was my dance teacher when I was a little girl. If I am not mistaken then studio was in Arcadia or Monrovia. I remember there was a piano player for the classes. I own a dance studio in Midwest City,Oklahoma now and have for almost 30 years.

G said...

I was a student of Melvin Kaiser for many years.
He taught in Torrance, CA where I studied as well as Arcadia.
The last time I saw him was in 1963 when he attended my wedding.
I would love to reminisce with any former "Kaiser Kiddies."

mark kaiser said...

My name is Mark Kaiser. I am the son of Melvin and Mary Louise Kaiser. I am searching for all the albums published by Melmark Records and / or Danny Hoctor.
Feel free to contact me at any time..