Monday, May 10, 2010

Star Wars - The Kid Stuff Repertory Company

Here's another "classic" from the Kid Stuff Repertory Company. Looking at this cover, you might think it was the story of two little American kids who go up in a rocket and have an adventure on a strange planet with two robots, a Threepio and an Artoo ripoff. Except that just about everything on this cover is a lie. The only connection to "Star Wars" is that they play the theme song at the beginning of the record. After that, you get the story "Jack and the Flying Saucer", a sort-of "Jack and the Beanstalk" parallel. The difference is that Jack lives on the planet Boom Boom, a planet where everything makes a loud noise. He and his mother are poor, so she sends him to sell Pinky, their stuffem worm. Jack trades the worm for what he is told is a magic saucer. Mom is upset with Jack when he returns home and throws the saucer out the window. The next morning, it has turned into a flying saucer. He flies off into space, meets a space monster, and eventually lands on the planet Sshhhh which (as you might expect) is a very quiet planet. Jack goes to a castle, meets a giant and his wife, and you can pretty well guess how the story goes from here.

There are some interesting bits here. For example, for some reason the guy playing Jack does it with a Cockney accent. I have no idea why. Also, the story is narrated by Shadoe Stevens, a voice you might recognize from his radio work or from being the announcer on the latest version of the Hollywood Squares.

Anyway, this is a pretty odd one, and I hope you like it!

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Timmy said...

Far out! Man, am I glad you mentioned at the bottom, that Shadoe Stevens narrarates this. He's great. otherwize, I woulda just passed it by.