Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hear Santa Coming to Your House! (if your name is Jennifer, that is...)

I know absolutely nothing about this record. Even the label (if it had one) is gone. It's one of those records that you would buy that would mention your child's name, but boy howdy they didn't go to much expense or trouble here. You hear Santa Ho-Ho-Ho-ing and talking about Christmas and how wonderful everything is while he's making his rounds. Then he asks whose chimney he's come to, and some lady that they probably just grabbed out of the office says, "Jennifer's chimney, Santa Claus." Then Santa replies, "Oh yes, Merry Christmas to you!" and goes on Ho-Ho-Ho-ing and wishing you a Merry Christmas again. And that's it! First of all, I didn't think Santa took on elves as riders on his annual trip. Secondly, isn't Santa supposed to know which house he's come to, without having some unimpressed elf telling him? I think I would know i got ripped off even if I was little Jennifer! Anyway, I figured you guys would appreciate the pure cheesiness of it, despite the fact that it's not in best shape. Enjoy!

Click here or here or here to download!


Stephen said...

This is so bad, it's good! Thanks for sharing it!

SonicBlu said...

Oh man! I would have been a very angry Jennifer if that were given to me on Christmas. As a toddler, I can see this being somewhat amusing, but I bet the Jennifer that this record belonged to was thinking just how cheap of a record this really was. *L* But it did give me a good laugh or two. Thanks for posting it.