Saturday, December 23, 2006

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (Thanks Leland!)

I'd like to thank Leland for contributing this album to the blog. Apparently there was never an official release to this soundtrack when the movie came out. This is actually from a special 10th Anniversary edition that was limited to 20,000 CDs. The album is a combination of songs, incidental music, and dialogue from the movie. I do want to warn you about some language cautions on the dialogue, though. But if you've seen the movie, you should know what to expect. Leland's going to send me a scan of the front cover, but I wanted to go ahead and get this on the blog before Christmas gets here! ;-D (As soon as I get it, I'll add it to this blog entry.) Enjoy!
UPDATE: I found a picture of the front cover. It's not part of the file, so you'll have to save it separately.

Here's the track list:

1. Christmas Vacation (cartoon version) – Mavis Staples
2. Take it Russ…
3. Hey, Santa Claus – The Moonglows
4. Clark’s *sskiss Remark
5. That Spirit of Christmas – Ray Charles
6. Sh****r Was Full
7. Christmas Vacation Medley – Angelo Badalamenti
8. Aunt Bethany’s Arrival
9. Hallelujah Chorus – The Oratorio Society of New York
10. Feeding the Dog at the Table
11. Mele Kalikimaka – Bing Crosby
12. Clark Explodes
13. Here Comes Santa Claus – Gene Autry
14. Eddie’s Gift
15. Joy to the World – Angelo Badalamenti
16. Hell’s Threshold
17. Christmas Vacation (end credits version) – Mavis Staples
18. Rocket’s Red Glare
19. Bells

***Bonus Tracks (not used in "Christmas Vacation)***
20. Holiday Road – Lindsey Buckingham
21. Dancin’ Cross the USA – Lindsey Buckingham
22. Holiday Road – Limp
23. Christmas Vacation (radio version) – Mavis Staples
24. Radio Commercial (trailer)

Click here or here to download!

NOTE: I took down the non-working links. This one should be OK.


Anonymous said...

It downloaded but it won't open. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Use WinRar To Open, Also thanks for making this available.

jon said...

Lindsey Buckingham's version of Holiday Road was actually in the movie.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for re-uploading this! :D

Anonymous said...

A little late, but thank you very, very much for this masterpiece!

By the way, the cover version of "Holiday Road" isn't performed by Limp Bizkit. The name of the band is just "Limp". Maybe this is helpful to someone...

Tony said...

I fixed it. Thanks for letting me know!

Way Out Junk

Anonymous said...

you said you'd post a cover... any chance we'll see that?

Mehdi said...

WOJ thank's for this OST, you're stars. Peace Out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for uploading this!

Anonymous said...

The download links seem to have died...

frankies movie babes said...

hi leland

thank you so much you are
an real life saverr i was
looking for this in ages
they did not have it anywhare
and once again thank you
so much i hope you have an
happy halloween and an merry
christmas and yes i know it is
prematurely early ok 20/10

frankie smales

(the daily krypton)

Anonymous said...

is this still available?

Gustavo said...

Great music from a great movie.
I'd been looking for this for years.
The links are working (rapid...).
Thanks from Buenos Aires, Argentina.