Monday, March 31, 2008

Father Abraham in Smurfland

(Hopefully I'll find a picture of the cover. If not, you might have to search for it yourself.)

This comes to us from faithful reader Jon. This was another one of those albums that I toyed with buying on eBay, but never got the chance. It's strange hearing a regular voice mixed with the Smurfs, but it's different!

Hey, if I have a Smurf album today, can I call today Blue Monday?

NOTE: This file is a .rar file, so you need a program like WinRAR to unzip it.

Here's the track list:
  1. The Smurf Song

  2. Smurfing Beer

  3. In the Mood

  4. Why

  5. Pinocchio in Smurfland

  6. Christmas in Smurfland

  7. Dippety Day

  8. Smurfing Tango

  9. Hey Ba-Ba-Re-Bop

  10. Do Smurfs Cry

  11. The Magic Flute Smurf
Click here or here to download!


Trevor said...

A friend of mine in high school had this tape, and we'd listen to it on my boom box @ lunch. Smurfing Beer is THE track.

Brian Sargent said...

Just FYI, 7-zip is free, open source, and will unzip RAR files:

Vlad said...

Heres the album covers-front and back from a page called site dedicated to the smurfs!
apparently a whole subculture thrives..I tried to post image tages but your site wouldnt let me

vlad said...

Jenny said...

Does anybody have the Smurfin' USA to share? I have the cassette but the CD is so rare you can't find it anymore. :( I just want to hear these songs again!

dij said...

Thanks so much for this download! Now my children can enjoy it as much as I used too! :-)