Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Son, the Hun

I think this would certainly qualify as Way Out Junk. After all, how often do you hear a prep school musical about Attila the Hun??

All I know about this album is what's on the front cover that you see here (the back cover is totally blank) and the record label. The label inside says "Performed by Fordham Preparatory School and the Mt. St. Ursula Academy" It says "Director Records" on the top and "Manufactured by RCA Victor Custom Record Department" on the bottom and is copyrighted 1966. I'm guessing this might have been some sort of souvenir for the cast members of the show. I don't know who they are because there are no other names listed here. I'm figuring these kids are middle school/high school age. I did find that Fordham is an all-boys school and Mt. St. Ursula is an all-girls school. Maybe they got together each year to do a show, I don't know.

How is this? Well, considering the supposed ages of the people involved it is a mixed bag as you might guess. They tend to do better on the faster songs than on the ballads. I do like a couple of songs and performances on here though. "Do What You Want" is a fun little patter song that must have been a pain to memorize. I also like "I Go Where the Action Is". There's also some contemporary (for 1966) references thrown in as well. If you know any more about this (or if you might have been IN this!), please share your insights with the rest of us. Until then, enjoy!

Here's the track list:

  1. Prologue to Act One

  2. My Son the Hun

  3. Cheers for Attila

  4. Battle Hymn of the Huns

  5. Ban the Bow

  6. No Man

  7. Do What You Want

  8. Call Wizard

  9. Here's Your Rainy Day

  10. Prologue to Act Two

  11. Where Am I Going

  12. Long Before Now

  13. I Go Where the Action Is

  14. You Turn Me Off

  15. Hallelujah Hallelu
Click here or here to download!

Well, "Way Out Junk New Album Week" now ends its broadcast day. I hope you guys all enjoyed it.

But wait. What's this? It looks like I've got so much of a backlog (forward log?) now that "Way Out Junk New Album Week" is being HELD OVER for a second big week!!! How do you like them apples, kids?


Anonymous said...

This album is amazing. If you ever find any more school musical LPs, please share them. I LOVE this stuff! You're doing God's work rescuing all these wonderful treasures.

Dave said...

My Junior year in High School (early 1973) our lead Choir (The Chambers Singers) did an LP like this with Chuck Mangione. I used to have a copy of it, but my brother ripped it off, and his ex wife get it when they split up. One of the songs they did you can hear on his LP "Land of Make Believe". Thanks for this download.

bucci said...

Wow! That is my Dad's album, I didn't think anyone else in the planet had heard it.

Anna Estevez said...

My dad had a part in doing this play and album. In fact my brother has an album and the actual script. It is good to know that my dad will live on. He was born in Bayonne, New Jersey and his name is Victor Estevez. My name is Anna Estevez.