Sunday, March 23, 2008

OGF Zodiac for March 18 - April 4: Itchi the Chigger

(Click the picture to make it bigger)

Here's the next in the Prof. Otis G. Firefly Zodiac: Itchi the Chigger! Note: the joke about 1994 is funnier if you realize this book came out in 1974. Therefore, please reread the sentence substituting the year 2028. See? That's MUCH better!

Don't forget: WOJ New Album week begins Monday March 24th. One new album every day this week, as long as Blogger's scheduling posts function works. In fact, a few people may have accidentally gotten a couple of albums early (like my 44 Bloglines subscribers). I accidentally hit Publish instead of Save. I took them back off a couple minutes later. Don't worry though. Everyone will see them soon. And for those of you who may have seen them early, don't tell everybody else. It's more fun that way. Thanks!

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