Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Space Alphabet

Continuing on with our space theme, here's a great kids record that features a song for a planet or other space related word for each letter of the alphabet. They kind of cheat a little (D for Double Star, F for Falling Star, Y for You (?)), and you know what planet they use for the letter U, so get your giggling out of the way right now.

Anyway, hope you like it!

Here's the track list:
  1. A - Astronomy and Astronomer
  2. B - Big Dipper
  3. C - Comets
  4. D - Double Star
  5. E - Earth
  6. F - Falling Star
  7. G - Galaxy
  8. H - Hydrogen and Helium
  9. I - Ionosphere
  10. J - Jupiter
  11. K - Kepler
  12. L - Light Years
  13. M - Mars and Mercury
  14. N - Neptune
  15. O - Orion
  16. P - Pluto
  17. Q - Quasar
  18. R - Radiation
  19. S - Saturn
  20. T - Telescope
  21. U - Uranus
  22. V - Venus
  23. W - Water Vapor
  24. X - X-Ray
  25. Y - You
  26. Z - Zodiac
  27. The Planet Song

The file has been fixed! Someone please try to download it and see if it's OK now. Thanks!

Click here or here or here or here to download!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Journey to the Moon and More About Outer Space

Here's another little tidbit for you. It's another great Golden Record with songs and stories about traveling into space and what the future might hold for us there. Take a listen. I think you'll like it!

I've got a few more space-related kids records coming soon, including the oddest record featuring an elephant and an ant that you've ever heard!

Here's the track list:
  1. With a Great Big Noise Like Thunder
  2. Meet Space Pilot Jones
  3. Rocket to the Moon
  4. City in Space
  5. Is It Raining in Paris
  6. The Story of the Planets
  7. The Big TV Show in Space
  8. 50 Round Trips
  9. Put a Penny in the Scale
  10. Window in Space
  11. Sea of Showers
  12. Rainbow Bay
  13. Great Big Noise
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Tupperware's Big Top Jubilee 1978

With all the messing with links that I've been going through lately, I didn't realize that I haven't put anything new up here for a while, so here's something suitably way out to get the party rolling again. This was apparently some sort of musical circus themed show sponsored by Tupperware. There's not a lot of information on the album itself. Presumably the only place you could have bought it was at the show itself, so I guess you knew what you'd be getting yourself in to. Anyway, it's an odd little show with some semi-talented singing, so give it a try!

Here's the track list:
  1. Overture
  2. I Have Always Wanted to Be in the Circus
  3. Early in the Morning
  4. The Circus Is Coming
  5. Come Gather 'Round
  6. We're Ruined
  7. Is This the Ending
  8. Please Don't Close the Circus
  9. Big Top Jubilee
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Friday, March 23, 2007

Captain Kangaroo and His Friends Sing Songs of the Treasure House

Here's a great contribution from "Snappercar" featuring Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Green Jeans, Mr. Moose, Bunny Rabbit, and all those great characters from the Treasure House. Listening to this you can tell that it's got a lot of mileage on it, even after I was able to do some clean up on it. It even has a few skips in it. However, I still thought it was so cool that it was worth sharing. I think you'll like it too. Thanks Snappercar!

Here's the track list:
  1. Getting the Treasure House Ready
  2. I Like All Kinds of Animals
  3. When Ping Pong Balls Are Falling
  4. Finish My Rhyme
  5. When Bunny Plays the Piano
  6. Fish
  7. I Like to Sing
  8. What'll I Be Today
  9. Tic Tac Toe
  10. A Person You Like
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Woody Woodpecker Presents...

Here's a fun album from 1957. Even though Woody Woodpecker is prominently featured on the album cover and is the subject of a few of the songs, don't expect to hear that familiar voice, other than the one used at the very beginning of the cartoons (and that exact same audio clip is used a few times). There's someone that does a voice for Woody in a couple of the songs, but he sounds nothing like the real voice!

Anyhow, there's some neat tunes here and a few stories as well. Hope you like it!

UPDATE: As reader Jon Cooke pointed out, that voice I couldn't identify (and really should have) belongs to cartoon voice veteran Hal Smith, who did quite a few character roles as well, notably Otis the town drunk on "The Andy Griffith Show". Thanks for the info, Jon!

Here's the track list:
  1. Woody Woodpecker Song
  2. Who's in the Zoo
  3. Oswald the Rabbit Hop
  4. Zebby the Zebra
  5. Woody Woodpecker Waltz
  6. Western Pony
  7. Woody Woodpecker March
  8. Littlest Reindeer
  9. Chilly Willy the Penguin
  10. Whopper Whale
  11. Andy Panda Polka
  12. Pepito Chickeeto
UPDATE: This album is now available to purchase in mp3 format from! You can get it here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More Ninja Turtles!!

And here's more Ninja Turtle music, again courtesy of Kids Music Fan from Boston! There's highlights from the TMNT 3 soundtrack, themes to the new shows, and even the original theme in other languages.

Did you know that in England the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were referred to as the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles because they weren't allowed to use the word Ninja in a kid's show?

I'd give you the track list here, but I'm afraid I might identify stuff wrong, so just download it and enjoy!!

Click here or here or here to download!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Coming Out of Their Shells

Did you know that in 1990 the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles went on a concert tour (or at least guys dressed up to look like them did)? This is the soundtrack to that concert (which I found out was a promotional cassette from Pizza Hut), courtesy of Kids Music Fan from Boston.

NOTE: For some reason, Track 4 (Skipping Stones) is listed twice. I'll try to fix that in the next few days. Until then, just delete the extra one and you're all set!

Here's the track list:

  1. Coming Out of Their Shells
  2. Sing About It
  3. Tubin'
  4. Skipping Stones
  5. Pizza Power
  6. Walk Straight
  7. No Treaties
  8. Cowabunga
  9. April Ballad
  10. Count on Us

Click here or here to download!

And here's a hilarious review of the "Making of the 'Coming Out of Their Shells' Tour" video from Matt at X-Entertainment!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze

And here's the soundtrack to the second Ninja Turtles movie, again with the help of Kids Music Fan from Boston. Cowabunga!

Here's the track list:
  1. Awesome (You Are My Hero) - Ya Kid K
  2. Ninja Rap - Vanilla Ice
  3. Find the Key to Your Life - Cathy Dennis and David Morales
  4. Moov! - Tribal House
  5. Consciousness (That's Your) - Dan Hartman
  6. This World - Magnificent Vii
  7. Creatures of Habit - Spunkadelic
  8. Back to School - Fifth Platoon
  9. Cowabunga - Orchestra on the Half Shell
  10. Tokka and Rahzar: Monster Mix - Orchestra on the Half Shell

Click here or here to download!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Soundtrack

In honor of the holiday, and the new movie TMNT (Sidenote: Do you notice that when they want to make something trendy and cool, they just refer to it by its initials, like when the New Kids on the Block became NKOTB? And we all know how well that went!), here's the soundtrack to the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, courtesy of Kids Music Fan from Boston. Thanks KMFFB!

Here's the track list:
  1. This Is What We Do - M.C. Hammer
  2. Spin That Wheel - Hi Tek 3
  3. Family - Riff
  4. 9.95 - Spunkadelic
  5. Turtle Power - Partners in Kryme
  6. Let the Walls Come Down - Jeremy Kemp
  7. Every Heart Needs a Home - St. Paul
  8. Shredder's Suite - John Du Prez
  9. Splinter's Tale I & Splinter's Tale II - John Du Prez
  10. Turtle Rhapsody (see note below)
ADDED NOTE: Hey guys, I'm afraid I don't have "Turtle Rhapsody". This file was donated to me, so I sent it out just as I got it. If anybody here happens to have a copy of "Turtle Rhapsody", I'll be more than happy to add it on here as well. Thanks!

Click here or here to download!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from me and Bob Hope!

I couldn't let a holiday go by without a track from "Bob Hope: Thanks for the Holidays". This one is for St. Patrick's Day, and talks about Irish people, drinking, and celebrities you may or may not know. Enjoy!

Click here or here or here to download!

(And by the way, also in honor of St. Patrick's Day, I'll also try to feature an album or two today featuring some green individuals you probably are familiar with!)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Shirley, Squirrely, & Melvin Live

Here's another entry in the high-pitched singers collection, this one features the trio of Shirley, Squirrely and Melvin. Here's how it came about: In 1980 the late David Seville's (real name: Ross Bagdasarian) son Ross Bagdasarian Jr. decided to revive the Chipmunks with an album called "Chipmunk Punk" for Excelsior Records. When the record proved very successful, the Chipmunks moved over to RCA Records. Excelsior decided to have their own squeaky rodent singers, and Shirley, Squirrely and Melvin were born. This is their second album (I think the first one might have been a Christmas album) which came out in 1981. According to one of the entries in Wikipedia, this album is unfinished vocal tracks from the sessions of the previous Shirley and Squirrely album combined with outtakes from the sessions for "Chipmunk Punk" and "Urban Chipmunk". I don't think this is likely, because as decent as much of this album is (and it really isn't too bad, I think), I don't believe any of these songs were performed by the newly reformed Chipmunks. And in case you were wondering, "Live" in this case means a lot of fake cheers and applause added in. So here it is. Hope you like it!

Here's the track list:
  1. Introduction
  2. Back in the U.S.A.
  3. It's So Easy
  4. The Gambler (Guest Vocalist: Denny Richards)
  5. Mercedes Benz
  6. Boulevard
  7. Soul Man
  8. Blue Suede Shoes
  9. I Like Reggae Too
  10. Get Back
  11. Love Lives On
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Captain America Lives Again!

In light of Captain America's death (at least for now), I thought it appropriate to share this album with you. Golden Records put this out, and it's basically a radio show type retelling of the story in Avengers #4, when Captain America was returned to life after being found frozen in an ice block since the 1940's. The original record actually came with a reprint of this story, but unfortunately I don't have that.

The voices seem to be pretty odd choices to me. I can't place Captain America's voice, but he sounds familiar somehow. And for some reason, the narrator sounds like televangelist Jerry Falwell to me! (I know he's not, but that's what my crazy brain is hearing!)

UPDATE: This album is now available (for only 99 cents!) in mp3 format from! You can get it here.

And here's a video of the rousing theme to Captain America's cartoon!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Friends: Music from the Television Series "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters" - Johnny Whitaker

If you frequent this blog, you're probably familiar with the TV show "Sigmund & the Sea Monsters". In it, two teenage boys playing on the beach find a mossy little monster named Sigmund and, as happens often in cases like this, zany antics ensue. It looks like this album was marketed more to the pre-teen girls who thought Johnny Whitaker was dreamy.

While all of these songs were on the album, I had a couple of cleaner sources for some of them, so some of the other songs may sound a bit rougher. Anyway, here it is. Hope you like it!

Here's the track list:

  1. Friends
  2. Keep It a Secret
  3. A Simple Song
  4. The Magician
  5. Monster Rock
  6. It's Up to You
  7. Can't Get You Off My Mind
  8. Running 'Round in Circles
  9. Lovin' Ain't Easy
  10. Sigmund & the Sea Monsters
  11. Day and Night
Click here or here to download!

I was hoping to find the other version of the theme song to add to the album (the one that told more of the actual origin of how Sigmund and the boys met). I didn't have any luck finding it on audio, but here's a video of it!

Fonzie Fonzie He's Our Man - The Heyettes

Here's a crazy album from 1976 featuring a number of songs about Fonzie (the character from the show "Happy Days") and some other 50's type songs by a group of girls called the Heyettes. I was disappointed that they didn't have the song "Do the Fonzie" that was sung by Pinky Tuscadero (I believe) on the show. I kind of wonder if this was an authorized album. The guy doing the voice of Fonzie sounds nothing like Henry Winkler. The whole thing sounds kind of cheap and thrown together, but it's different! Enjoy!!

CORRECTION: Leather Tuscadero (played by Suzi Quatro) sang "Do the Fonzie", not Pinky. Thanks for setting me straight, Kabluie! :-D

Here's the track list:

  1. Fonzie for President
  2. Fonzie, Fonzie Won't You Please Be Mine (The Do-Wahh Song)
  3. Arnold's Theme
  4. The Fonz Song
  5. Really Rock 'N' Roll
  6. Sit on It
  7. Happy Days
  8. Cruisin' on a Saturday Night
  9. The Fonz Song (Instrumental)
  10. Do the Fonz
  11. Red Hot Honey
Click here or here or here to download!
NOTE: Links have been fixed!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

American Pie - A Musical History of Our Country

This is kind of an odd one from the Peter Pan Children's Chorus. Here's how the record is introduced on the back cover: "The mood of history can be captured in its music -- Travel with us through our country's past in song and melody, introduced by 'American Pie', Don McClean's view of a bygone pop music era." The rest of the album follows a woman telling the story of America's history from Jamestown to the space program, accompanied by kids playing all the other parts and singing the other songs with her. It's no "America Rock", but it's fun to listen to anyway! The file includes the front and back covers. The back cover has a maze on it. The previous owner only got from Jamestown to the Boston Tea Party before he or she got bored with it, fell asleep, or possibly died.

(Another note: the stories and songs intermingle in places, so the track separations are somewhat arbitrary.)

Here's the track list:
  1. American Pie
  2. There Was a Man
  3. Are You for Independence
  4. That's What It Means to Be Free
  5. Goin' West
  6. With an Empty Jug and a Musical Saw
  7. Unknown Bugle Boy
  8. The Inventors Song
  9. Whole Wide World Is My Home Town
  10. Opus 1920
  11. New Deal
  12. Our Country 'Tis of Thee

Click here or here or here to download!

Monday, March 05, 2007

A Reply and a Challenge for Mr. Anonymous *

For those of you who read the comments on this blog, you will know that there is an Anonymous poster that has made a number of his complaints known. Here is what this person doesn't like:
  • Me (or at least the way in which I write)
  • The fact that I'm making these albums available free of charge
  • Which therefore is cheating "legitimate copyright owners" and putting record stores out of business
Let me do what I can to reply to these complaints. First of all, the way I normally write this blog is not a put-on. Like it or not, I really talk like that. (I also use words like "Jinkies!" and "Great googly moogly!" Yes, really.) And to answer a previous question you asked, I'm 45 years old. Judging from your somewhat rude comments, I have no idea how old you are.

As I state in my disclaimer, all the albums I make available here are either out of print on CD or have never even been issued on CD. Most of the stuff you find here is 30 years old or more. Despite the popularity of it amongst my small readership here, I don't see anybody racing out to make these things available on CD or on iTunes, which is a pity. Believe it or not, I would like nothing better than to replace a download link with a link stating where an album can be bought this way. Until then, I'm doing what I can to keep interest in these albums alive.

Your third point is somewhat contradictory. If I buy an album at a record store or on eBay, it's used. The "legitimate copyright owners" make nothing from that either. And if you think my little blog here is what's putting record stores out of business, than you're either severely overestimating my readership or I'm severely underestimating it. And speaking for myself, I've bought more record albums in the last year to use for this blog than I have in the last ten years before that. On the vast majority of records I've bought from online auctions, I was the only one who bid on them. Plus, we actually have a record store locally, and while they don't have a lot of the kind of stuff I put here, I have bought a number of albums from them specifically to use on this blog. So in a way, I'm actually helping these stores and the people who sell these albums online because nobody else seems to be buying the stuff I'm buying. And I believe I have bought an album or two from the guy you mentioned as well. Once again, if I remember correctly, I was the only one who bid on the ones I got. He's not selling multiple copies of these albums, so he made money from me on the ones he sold to me.

I don't do this to make money. In fact, running this blog costs me money, not only from the albums I buy but from the file space I pay for on my own. In fact, I'm even taking off the Paypal Donation button. Firstly, because I don't even want there to be an implication that I'm making money from this. Secondly, because nobody ever used it anyway.

All right, Mr. Anonymous, here is my challenge to you: I think I pretty well covered what you don't like about this blog. Now tell me what it is that you DO like about it. There must be something, because you keep coming back. Now give me some constructive criticism to tell me how I can make this blog better. (Not the type of comments you normally put on here, but reasoned thoughts on what I can do to improve.) I will then take your suggestions into consideration, and incorporate them if I can. If for some reason I don't think I'll be able to follow your suggestions, I will do my best to suggest a blog that I think you'll like better than this one. If however the comments you normally leave here are all you've got, they will be removed by me from now on.

AND NOW A COUPLE OF REQUESTS FOR MY OTHER READERS: While this was directed at our Anonymous colleague, I'm more than willing to accept suggestions from any of you here on how to make this blog better. Also, I know that quite a few of you may not agree with Mr. Anonymous's attitude, but please don't take this as an opportunity to play "Dogpile on Mr. A.". Just as I will remove any comments from Mr. Anonymous that are insulting and add nothing to the discussion, I will also remove comments that do nothing more than insult him. I don't want any flame wars going here.

Thank you all for reading this. And Mr. A., the ball's in your court now. I hope to hear from you soon.

(And for those of you who have waded through this, I'll be putting up another album hopefully later today. I just want to write a couple of things about it.)

* I actually don't know if this Anonymous poster is male or female. So to the person in question, you are welcome to substitute Ms., Mrs., Miss, Dr., Sgt., or whatever form of address is appropriate. For the sake of convenience, though, I'll refer to this person as Mr. Anonymous.
UPDATE: Once again to my regular readers, keep in mind that I was the one who initiated this debate. Disagree with other posters if you like, but please try to do it without resorting to insults and foul language. Thanks!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mighty Mouse to the Rescue!

Here's an album of stories (and lovely organ underscore) written and told by Tom Morrison, "the TV Voice of Mighty Mouse". Some of the stories have Mighty Mouse in them, some of them don't. Oddly enough, the stories that do brag an awful lot about how wonderful Mighty Mouse is. I don't remember MM being quite so full of himself! But the stories are amusing and even teach valuable lessons, I guess. Anyway, take a listen!

Here's the track list:
  1. The Green Line
  2. A Date for Dinner
  3. The Watchdog
  4. The Sultan's Birthday Party
  5. Smokey Joe
  6. The Angry Volcano

Click here or here to download!

Batman Theme by the Bat Boys

Once the Batman TV show hit it big, it seemed like you couldn't turn around without finding yet another record album trying to cash in on it. Here's one from a group called the Bat Boys. It's nowhere near as good as this album, but it's got some fun kind of jazzy music that you might like.

A little story about this record: I've had this one for a while. (It was probably handed down to me from one of my brothers or maybe I got it at a garage sale a long time ago.) I don't ever remember having an album cover for it though. Fast forward to many years later. I bought an album of Batman stories from eBay. It arrives and unfortunately it doesn't have the correct record inside. Guess which one is in there instead? Yep, this one again! So I figured that was a sign that I needed to put this album out here for you guys. So I hope you like it!

(By the way, I still don't have the real album cover to this one. I had to find a picture online of it. I don't think I put the picture in the zip file, so if you want it you'll have to save it separately.)

Here's the track list:
  1. Batman Theme
  2. Mighty Mayhem
  3. Cheatin' Charlie
  4. Uppercut Blues
  5. Fight Flight
  6. The Villain Strikes
  7. Out with the In Crowd
  8. Behind the 8 Ball
  9. Mars Visitor
  10. It's Murder!

Click here or here or here to download!