Friday, July 30, 2010

Bob McGrath Sings for All the Boys and Girls

Our last album of "Almost Sesame" Week features the wonderfully talented Bob McGrath doing a variety of songs, a couple of Disney ones and some popular songs of the day. Nothing quite as crazy as the stuff in the other Bob McGrath album I featured here, but pretty snazzy stuff nonetheless.

Hope you enjoyed "Almost Sesame" Week. See you next time!

Here's the track list:
  1. I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing
  2. Joy to the World
  3. The Unbirthday Song
  4. Everything Is Beautiful
  5. Black and White
  6. It's a Small World
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Songs from Sesame Street 2

Here's our second album of "Almost Sesame" Week, and at least this one uses all songs from the show. They don't go too crazy trying to imitate the original singers here, and that's to their advantage. I always thought these songs were strong enough without trying to throw bad imitations on top of them.


Here's the track list:

  1. Sesame Street

  2. Everyone Makes Mistakes

  3. High Middle Low

  4. Sing

  5. I'm Pretty

  6. Someday Little Children

  7. Sesame Street (Reprise)

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Sesame Street, Rubber Duckie and Other Favorites - The Rocking Horse Orchestra and Chorus

This is the first post of what I'm calling "Almost Sesame" Week. I'll be featuring two different albums of songs from "Sesame Street" done by other artists, and a third album of non-Sesame Street music by an artist best known for the show.

Here's the Rocking Horse Orchestra and Chorus with their versions of these now classic songs although, technically speaking, the only Sesame Street songs here are the theme and "Rubber Duckie". The rest are various kid's songs, including a few about the alphabet. Apparently the show was pretty new when this album came out because there's a very extensive write-up about the show on the back cover. ("No. 123 is an aged brownstone around which the show is based. This is where Gordon and Susan and Bob live. Gordon and Susan are married and they are black. Gordon is a high school science teacher. Bob is also a high school teacher and he is white.")

Anyway, enjoy the first album of "Almost Sesame" Week!

Here's the track list:
  1. Rubber Duckie
  2. It's Simple as A-B-C
  3. Ozzie the Ostrich
  4. A My Name Is
  5. Sesame Street Theme
  6. The Tail of Dickie Dragon
  7. A Song for Each Letter of the Alphabet
  8. Drag the Magic Puffin
UPDATE: Links deleted. I hope to have a working link soon!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Kiddies' Playtime Songs - The Hollywood Orchestra and Singers

Once again, here's one of those albums that takes children's classic songs from a number of sources and puts them together on one record. And you've got to give them credit; there's almost 45 minutes worth of stuff here so you're getting lots of value for your dollar (or however much this record cost when it was new).

But to be honest, my favorite part of this whole album is the cover. Some little girl (or is it a boy?) playing with an old school Mr. Potato Head, back when you had to supply your own potato! And he/she just finished working on Mr. Pepper Head before that! Pretty cool!

Anyway enjoy the album (and the cover)!

Here's the track list:
  1. Little Red Riding Hood
  2. The Farmer in the Dell
  3. Baa-Baa Black Sheep
  4. Pop Goes the Weasel
  5. Sing a Song of Sixpence
  6. The Muffin Man
  7. Jack and the Bean Stalk
  8. A Visit to Central Park
  9. Little Boy Blue
  10. The Shoemaker and the Elves
  11. Chicken-Licken
  12. Humpty Dumpty
  13. The Alphabet Song
  14. Lullaby for Little Ones
  15. Where Has My Little Dog Gone?
  16. The Frog and the Ox
  17. A Visit to France
  18. Pat-A-Cake
  19. Goldie Locks and the Three Bears
  20. The Monkey Who Wanted to Fly
  21. The Fisherman and the Flounder
  22. Old Mother Hubbard
  23. Fiddle-Dee-Dee
  24. London Bridge Is Falling Down
UPDATE: Links deleted. I hope to have a working link soon!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

The 1968 Six Flags Over Texas "Red, White & Blue Revue"

This is the album I was working so hard to get on here before July 4th. If you've ever been to any large amusement park, you've probably seen a show with a similar format: a bunch of young people (mostly college aged) singing and doing their best to entertain you six times a day (more on weekends and holidays). That being said, these ladies and gentlemen do quite a nice job. The record itself, on the other hand, was giving me fits! I had a number of spots where I fought with stubborn skips, but I think I emerged triumphant for the most part thanks to some stubbornness on my part and a tube of Scratch-Off. (I don't know whether the Scratch-Off really helped that much, or if it just made me more determined to get this done.)

Anyway, most of these songs are medleys. I'm only listing the medley titles in the track list. If you want to know the individual songs, they're shown on the back cover (which is included with the download).

Finally, let me direct your eyes to that cover. Now these kids look like they're ready to do a show! You've got the ten in the front (including those Fabulous capes the ladies are wearing), a banjo player, an accordianist, a harpist, three violinist, a drummer, a bass player, and two guys who apparently play large drums with their feet. How can a show like that miss??

Enjoy, and Happy Independence Day!

Here's the track list:
  1. Overture
  2. American Music Medley
  3. Spiritual Medley
  4. Tin Pan Alley Medley
  5. Songs of the South
  6. Music of the American West
  7. Music of the Broadway Theatre
  8. Tara's Theme
  9. Music of Our Land
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Friday, July 02, 2010

Songs of America - The Bubble Gum Singers and Orchestra

Well, here's one of the patriotic records I was going to put up in honor of Independence Day (the holiday, not the movie). I had another one I was working on, but the skips in it are proving to be quite frustrating. If I can clean it up in time, I'll get it up here. If not, I'll try again when I have more patience for it.

This is a pretty nice collection of American songs. I do like that fact that they even threw in "Aloha Oe" in honor of our 50th state. I don't know for sure when this album came out, but it probably wasn't too long after Hawaii was invited to join the party.


Here's the track list:
  1. America the Beautiful
  2. The Glendy Burke
  3. Pick a Bale of Cotton
  4. Down the Ohio
  5. Keemio Kimio
  6. Down in a Coal Mine
  7. Maple Sweet
  8. The Yellow Rose of Texas
  9. Peanut Picking Song
  10. Aloha Oe
  11. Arkansas Traveler
  12. On Top of Old Smokey
  13. Sidewalks of New York
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