Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hey Gang!

I didn't mean for that to sound so ominous, but I just wanted to get your attention. I'm in the process of reorganizing and changing up some of my links. This will mean that some of the links will give you an error message when you attempt to download them. I know it's happening; you don't have to tell me about it. If that happens to you, try one of the other links on that entry. If, however, NONE of the links work for a specific entry, please do let me know that so I can get it fixed. You can either email me at the address in my profile or simply leave me a message here. It'll probably take me a while to get to them all, but I will do the best I can. Also I don't want my messing with old links to take time I could spend putting new albums up here for you.

Thanks for reading this. I hope it alleviates any problems that might come up.

Way Out Junkmeister

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Unicorn - The Peter Pan Pop Singers and Orchestra

This one’s a bit odd. (I know that’s a shock coming from me!) It was made in the U.S., but I don’t think it was made FOR the U.S. I mean, it’s got a number of hits from around 1968-69, but then it has stuff like “Waltzing Matilda” and “Molly Malone”. Were these songs all popular around the same time somewhere? Another fun thing is that the Peter Pan Pop Singers tend to sing all the songs in a sort of pop/march tempo. It’s works OK for some of the songs, but on others (like "The Mighty Quinn") it sounds a bit off.

Finally, I’d like to point out the very nice cover on this album. It’s not signed, but I know that George Peed did a number of Peter Pan’s album covers. I think it might be him, but I don’t know for sure. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one!

Here’s the track list:

1. The Unicorn

2. Half a Sixpence

3. Molly Malone

4. 76 Trombones

5. Up Up and Away

6. Simon Says

7. Waltzing Matilda

8. Green Tambourine

9. The Mighty Quinn

10. Tip Toe Thru the Tulips

Click here or here to download!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

OGF Zodiac for Jan. 15 - Feb. 29: Splices the Square Knot

(Click pic to make big)

Here's the next in the Otis G. Firefly Zodiac. Enjoy!

Friday, January 11, 2008

How Much Is That Doggie in the Window and More Songs About Your Favorite Dogs

This album is different from my other "How Much Is That Doggie in the Window" album. This one has a lot of fun songs each about a different breed of dog "mostly written by Cy Coben" (which I assume means he wrote all the songs on this album except for "How Much Is That Doggie in the Window"). I had a reader looking for this album under a different title. I need to go through my email and see if I can find him. If you're that person, let me know!

Anyway, hope you like this!!

Here's the track list:
  1. How Much Is That Doggie in the Window
  2. Overture and Introduction
  3. Chihuahua (Cha Cha Cha)
  4. Great Dane
  5. Cocker Spaniel
  6. The Terriers
  7. German Shepherd
  8. I'm a Dachshund
  9. The Hunting Dog (Retriever, Setter, Springer)
  10. St. Bernard
  11. Just Plain Dog
  12. Pekinese
  13. Dalmatian
  14. Boxer
  15. Collie
  16. Les Poodles
  17. Boston Bull (Now How Come There Is No Dog Day?)
  18. Take a Bow-Wow-Wow
UPDATE: This album is now available (under the title "Dog Songs") in mp3 format from! You can get it here.

OGF Zodiac for January 1-January 14: Boarus the Warthog

(Click pic to embiggen!)

Sorry I got this information to you late, Boaruses, especially considering when it says your lucky part of the year is!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this!

To read more about Prof. Firefly, read my original entry about the book here.

OGF Wisdom for January

(Click on the picture to make it bigger.)

Here's the first entry about January. I probably won't say much about these. Not because I don't like them, but because I don't think I can compete! Enjoy!

To learn more about Prof. Firefly, see my original entry here.

Otis G. Firefly's Phantasmagoric Almanac and Calendar

I was one of those kids who read a lot when I was in school, mostly comic books and silly stuff. One of the things I enjoyed the most was ordering books from the Scholastic Book Club. I'd always get the latest Dynamite magazine (and later Bananas magazine) and whatever other interesting stuff struck my fancy. This unusual book became one of my favorites. I was doing some cleaning and came across it again, so I thought I'd share some of it with you. Prof. Firefly has his own crazy zodiac and information and words of wisdom about each month. I'll put this info up (more or less) when it comes up during the year. This may help you understand where some of my bizarre sense of humor comes from! Look for the first entry shortly!