Saturday, January 27, 2007

Songs and Stories About the Justice League of America

And now to round out the trilogy(?) of Tifton's DC hero albums, here's "Songs and Stories About the Justice League of America", donated to the blog by "Herr Anonymous". It contains a rousing song about the Justice League ("Are you ready?" "YEAH!" "Are you with it?" "YEAH!") and a song and story each for Wonder Woman, Plastic Man, Metamorpho, Aquaman, and the Flash. Has this group (including Superman and Batman who make the roll call but are otherwise not represented here) ever been the lineup for the Justice League?? There's lots of neat stuff here with toe-tapping tunes and fun stories.

I think one of my favorite odd things is in the Aquaman story. Two sailors are talking in a lighthouse on a far-off island. They hear on the radio that their supply ship has mysteriously disappeared. Suddenly Aquaman and Mera are there talking to them. They talk for a little while and then just as suddenly Hydro (the villain of our piece) shows up. They never explain how they just seem to appear out of nowhere. I guess they didn't have time to explain that part!

According to my source, this is actually a combination of the Tifton Records album and the later released Power Records version. Hope you guys enjoy this. Thanks again, Herr Anonymous!!

Here's the track list:

  1. Song: The Justice League of America
  2. Song: Wonder Woman
  3. Story: Wonder Woman - The Return of Brunhilde
  4. Song: Plastic Man
  5. Story: Plastic Man - The Invasion of the Plastic Men
  6. Song: Metamorpho
  7. Story: Metamorpho vs. Fumo the Fire Giant
  8. Song: Aquaman
  9. Story: Aquaman - The Defeat of the Dehydrator
  10. Song: The Flash
  11. Story: The Flash - The Three Faces of Mr. Big
Click here or here or here to download!

And by the way, here's what the Power Records version of this album looked like. Some great Neal Adams work here. (Don't worry, both covers are included in the download) :


SonicBlu said...

Oh, wow! I haven't seen this record in AGES! I used to own this one when I was growing up, too!

I bet you and I had the same collection! heh heh

By the way, if you can find a copy of The Peppermint Kandy Kids' "Snoopy's Christmas" album with the song "Who Stole the Mistletoe", please let me know. I've asked around for it and looked everywhere. Can't find it. I did find the other Peppermint Kandy Kids records, but that one brings back a lot of memories.

Thanks again for the great uploads, Tony! Keep 'em up! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks so much for posting this and making it available. I had the vinyl copy a long time ago, and was actually thinking of plunking down $12 on eBay to get somebody's scratchy old copy. This is much better. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

a couple of years ago, a hip hop producer named Madlib and an mc that goes by the name Viktor Vaughn put out an album called Madvilain.

That album has samples from this album all over it. thanks for posting.

Dave said...

You wouldn't happen to have back cover scans/photos of this and the 2 Musical Story LPs do you? Folks at the Power Records Forum were wondering. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

What is Plastic Man doing as a member of the Justice League of America at this time? He didn't become a member until he appeared in the JLA series in the mid-90s.

Paul said...

Cool, I have this in my collection, its pretty good. A great find.
If you want a back picture let me know ill scan it and send.

cheers PAul

Anonymous said...

Thank you. It's been years since I've heard this. Now my wife has to listen to something besides me singing Plastic Man on long, long car trips. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The cover art (and hence, probably, much if not all of the content) are from late-seventies Ruby-Spears cartoons of the characters... I watched them as a kid.

My favourite bit was from the Plasticman opening, "...bouncing baby boy..." says the doc, using the kid as a superball!

Tony J said...

Thank you so much! I had the Tifton record for years until it broke. I wanted to be the flash after listening to his song. I think the original just had the song, no story. You've made me a happy man.

Max Mercury said...

To the most recent anonymous - this record has nothing to do with those late '70s Ruby-Spears cartoons and, in fact, predates them by about a decade.